Custom Earpieces for Musicians

custom musician earpieces by elkhart audiology

Musician Monitors

Elkhart Audiology offers a series of professional in-ear musicians’ monitors designed with one goal in mind: to help you hear accurately so you can perform at your peak – night after night, show after show. We also provide custom musician earplugs to reduce the danger from playing in loud environments.

Custom or Universal?

At Elkhart Audiology, we primarily offer Westone products for custom earpieces. With fantastic quality and a wide range of prices to fit every budget, we have found over the years that Westone fits the bill for the vast majority of our clients. We are more than happy to provide testimonials from satisfied users – just ask!


custom musician earpieces elkhart
Westone custom products combine the latest in acoustic technology and over five decades of experience in crafting custom fit products for the human ear. “Customs” as they are most commonly referred to are primarily used by the professional on-stage musician but have also gained popularity with audiophiles looking for a critical listening earpiece. Athletes looking for an earphone that stays in the ear can also benefit from a custom made product.

  • All Westone custom products require an ear-impression
  • Custom monitors are a great choice for those with hard to fit ears and can offer a superior seal for particular anatomies.
  • Westone custom monitors are made to order and offer virtually unlimited customization options.

Universal Fit

universal fit musician earpiece elkhart
Westone universal fit earphones and in-ear monitors are the perfect solution for those who want a no-compromise approach to high-end sound in a lightweight exceptionally comfortable package. Their universal products are segmented into UM Series products and Westone / Talk Series products.

UM products are packed with features and a sound signature optimized for the professional on-stage musician. Those looking to energize recorded music also appreciate the UM Series in-ear monitors.

Westone / Talk Series earphones have been engineered to interface with the latest in personal listing devices and extract the most from multiple music formats. Choose Westone or Talk Series if you are serious about your listening.


Musicians – Style 49

Earpiece provides true high-fidelity attenuation using Etymotic Research® ER-9, ER-15 or ER-25 filters.
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custom earbud earpieces ipod


Custom earpieces designed for use with bud/button style stereo headphones.
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