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The ability to hear is such a fundamental part of our lives that most people are taking it for granted. Hearing is a gift, but do we appreciate it enough? Most people who were able to improve their hearing ability with the help of the right solution describe an improvement in their quality of life. Phonak hearing aids are one of many potential solutions that can help you get back your quality of life. Your Elkhart Audiologist, Sharon Hirstein, will help you choose the optimal solution.

Understand better wherever you go.

The newest Phonak hearing aids are designed to allow you to not only hear, but also understand better in practically every situation, no matter how challenging.

Phonak Audeo Q

audeo q phonak hearing aids
Phonak Audéo Q is ideally suited for people who haven`t worn hearing aids before. It is a Receiver In Canal hearing aid, making it highly discreet.

Phonak Virto Q

virto q phonak hearing aids
Discreet, feature-rich with T-coil and tinnitus relief. Longer-lasting and easy-to-handle battery. Today’s interactive world of mobile phones, computers, TVs, game consoles and MP3 players can present a challenge if you wear hearing aids. Phonak Virto Q can be easily connected to all of these communication and media options.

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