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Awareness is the first step in any journey…

You don’t know what you don’t know…but once you know, you can do better. Once you have
mastered the information, you can help others. If you have been to Elkhart Audiology Rehab,
then you know more than most about the impact of hearing loss, the importance of regular
routine visits to assess any changes, and just how committed our staff is to teach you. We have a
mission. Education, plus action, allows you to maintain your independence, keep your cognitive
edge and stay connected to the people and activities you love! Once you know, you can teach
and encourage others…You must know, but you also have to care. Care enough to nudge more
than once…as it often takes 710 times before information has an impact!

October is Audiology Awareness and hearing protection month, so we are here to
encourage you to wear your ear plugs, keep the volume down on your headsets and do call
in to have your hearing reevaluated if it has been more then 23 years since your last test.
During the pandemic, everyone has gotten a bit behind in their routine medical care, yet if you
have Diabetes, Kidney Disease or a Cardiac condition, your hearing has a tendency to decline
quicker. With today’s technology inside hearing aids, most devices can be readjusted to give
you more audibility based on the changes in your hearing. An updated test and reprogramming
will allow you to get the most out of what you already have!

If you have moved, changed jobs, or have gotten more active in your community, a new hearing
aid program, accessory for the phone, TV or computer might be helpful. If we don’t ask you
about changes, we would not know. So, that is the reason for the “dreaded paperwork” updates
when you come to our office. We try to keep it down to one sheet or two so please do your best
to give us the best ways to contact you and complete the hearing inventories to help us
understand where you are hearing well and where you might need some extra attention.



EAR Reminders…

We continue to see patients by appointment only. We
have found this is the best way to manage flow in our
office, keep wait times to a minimum, and keep our
sanitation process in place. We want our office to be
“Clean and Sparkly”, with you receiving the best service!

For those of you with an unplanned issue, please call the
office and we will do our best to work you in or offer our
dropoff service. Our goal is to keep you hearing and will do
our best to resolve your issue within 48 hours, or provide a
loaner device when you have a service package with us.

We are not open over the lunch hour any more due to
staffing shortages. For those of you that met Megan over
the summer, she has taken another position and we wish her well. We understand you have
experienced several staffing changes over the last year and appreciate your patience. We
are doing our best to find the right person and get their training complete.

Sharon continues to meet her commitments to local service projects and will be out of the
office periodically to travel to senior centers. Continuing education is a core value here; time
is set aside for her and our other team members to get updated on the best options for your
hearing care. Dropping in unannounced may leave you disappointed by finding our door
locked with no one available to serve you…so give us a call and we’ll make you smile as
quick as we can!



Your purchases help others in need of
hearing help! The program is available
locally and internationally

Members of my Entheos group recently took a mission trip t0
Zambia, South Africa for the first time in two years. Our group only goes where we
are invited, and where we can teach others to help clean and maintain the hearing
aids after we leave to keep them functioning. Watching someone get their hearing
back results in what we fondly call “The Hearing Smile”… the Why we go. The why
we fund raise. The why most members contribute $10 per device sold as a way to
support Hearing The Call missions. Don’t need hearing aids but want to contribute
$10 or more to help? Consider us for the Giving Tuesday on November 29, 2022. You
can designate donations to assist in the project, at our office or online through the
secure website
www.hearingthecall.org/michiana. Thanks for being a part of the
circle of giving


Over The Counter Hearing Devices Are Here!

Based on the price points offered by several retailers around $800 for a set, we have opted
not to sell one of these products at this time. Our hearing aid manufactures have products
which are now competitive in price for this level of technology. OTC devices were designed
“for technology savvy, do it your selfers with a mild loss” and for those that just don’t seek
medical assistance often. We sincerely hope the publicity around OTC gets people to
address their hearing loss earlier! We are cautious of the unregulated providers of OTC and
are available when outside help is needed. We are your local Experts! Our service prices are
individual line items. So, whether someone is starting from scratch or needing assistance
with devices purchased elsewhere, we can provide just what they need. Services include
otoscopy and wax removal; diagnostic hearing test with speech in noise; assist with ear
piece selection; wireless app connections just to name a few. Appointments are required
and vary in length of time by the services needed, give us a call to get started. We have two
new handouts under the resource tab of our website . A sample is below!





More Than Hearing… and Better Together!

As you reflect on 2022, we hope you will find value in what we helped you accomplish and
continue to help us celebrate in 2023 and beyond with better connections in our community.

The quilted picture above was created by a friend…I paid for the beautiful piece because I
valued what she could create and how it made me think about the ear to brain connection that
is so important in what we do every day.

Myra Brooks Welch’s poem, The Touch of the Master’s Hand” (or “The Old Violin”), tells of a
battered old violin about to be sold as the last item at an auction for a pittance, until a violinist
stepped out of the audience and plays the instrument, demonstrating its beauty and true value.
The violin sells for $3000 instead of a mere $3. This story holds true for hearing care.
Equipment matters, there is a difference between products. The more important difference is
in the experience offered by an expert audiologist and a team of caring support staff. There is
an art and science to improving your listening skills and we are here for you. Together we can!

Thank you for being a part of our journey through this life Sharon, Deb and Jill


Elkhart Audiology Rehab

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