See the EAR (Elkhart Audiology Rehab) Difference!

About 20% of Americans (or 1 in 5) report some level of hearing loss. By age 65, hearing loss afflicts 1 in 3. By 75, 1 in 2. In fact, it’s the third leading health concern for older Americans (after Arthritis and Heart Disease). An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from Tinnitus.

All this news may be of little comfort to you if you suffer from hearing loss and/or Tinnitus. But at least you’re in good company. And, there is hope.

Within a 50-mile radius of Elkhart County, there is only one American Board of Audiology Certified Audiologist. She is Sharon Hirstein, owner of Elkhart Audiology Rehab (EAR). This certification is meaningful in two ways. First, it illustrates Sharon’s commitment to continuing education and training. Second, it speaks to her business approach—one that is founded in integrity and ethical behavior.

Beyond the certification, Sharon considers her top priorities are to (a) understand your hearing-related concerns and (b) provide you with honest information regarding your improvement expectations. To do so, she combines her education and skills with leading technologies and rehabilitation techniques.

The result is an unparalleled level of care.

There are other approaches—businesses whose purpose is to simply sell hearing aids or service providers who administer only rudimentary testing procedures. These are cookie cutter approaches. But they won’t do when your goal is better hearing.

The personalized approach of Elkhart Audiology Rehab is the answer.