These accessories fall into two general classifications:

  • Custom earpieces for special purposes
  • Assistive Devices to make life more comfortable for the hard of hearing

Custom Earpieces

Custom earpieces can serve special purposes such as noise reduction or in situations where hearing accurately is critical.

Elkhart Audiology Rehab maintains a firm relationship the the leader in such earpiece design, Westone.

Westone Authorized Dealer

These devices can meet a variety of user needs such as the following:

Elkhart Audiology offers a series of professional in-ear musicians’ monitors designed with one goal in mind: to help you hear accurately so you can perform at your peak – night after night, show after show. We also provide custom musician earplugs to reduce the danger from playing in loud environments. . . More

From audiophiles to professional musicians, Elkhart Audiology Rehab offers a a full line of custom-fit products from Westone Audio.

AC10 in-ear monitors
ES60 in-ear monitors

Such items are critical when only the very best listening experience is desired.

Find more information at Westone Audio.

Motorsport Enthusiasts

For motorcyclists and related powersports enthusiasts, Westone provides both recreational use earphones as well as hearing protection devices. These custom fit products are designed to be worn under the helmet.

ear plug

For hearing protection, nothing beats the Defendear series from Westone. In particular the Motorsport model is designed with a hollow canal for under helmet use to reduce wind buffeting. It is comfortable and easy to remove.

Industrial Ear Protection

ear plug

For ear protection in noisy, industrial settings and similar scenarios, Westone offers a variety of custom-fit devices under the general series name of Defendear.  Made from medical grade Otoblast Silicon*, DefendEar Industrial is formulated to optimize biocompatibility, attenuation, comfort, fit and durability.

Discover more at Westone Hearing Protection.

Hunters & Shooters

hearing aid

Here, Westone offers the Defendear Digital Series with models specifically designed for hunting and other high-level impact noise environments. They features a full shell earpiece that closes in the presence of impact noise, allowing hunters to hear clearly until the weapon is fired, and have maximum protection during shots.

Have other special needs for hearing protection or audio? Westone has the solution and Elkhart Audiology Rehab can help you navigate available solutions.

Assistive Devices

Please find below a small sampling of the more common assistive devices that we sell. The list of available devices and options is nearly limitless, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for please call! If it’s available, we can get it!



ct-starplus_small-corded-phone Starplus-45 Amplified Phone with Caller ID


A600C_small-cordless-phoneA600 Freedom Amplified Phone w/Additional Handse

CapTel ad saying, "Ask us about a Free Captioned Telephone!"

Smoke Detectors

Alarm Alerting System

alarm-monitoring-systemWirelessly connect alarms together in one system!

Hardwired Smoke Detector

gentex-hardwired-detectorGentex 7109CS Hardwired Smoke Detector

Alarm Devices

Alarm Alerting System

ShakeAwakeVibratingPortableAlarmClockShake Awake Vibrating Portable Alarm Clock

Sonic Boom

sonic-boomSonic Alert – Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

LOOPHear Devices

LoopHear LH100 Portable Amplified Loop System

HC-LOOPHEARopenThis self-contained portable loop system is ideal for one-on-one applications, such as in reception areas, service counters, vehicles or small meetings. It is designed to help hearing people communicate with t-coil hearing aid users, cochlear implant wearers and induction receivers.

Alerting Devices

Silentcall Sidekick II

signature-sidekick-IISidekick II Signature Series with backup battery-Model # SK2-SS

Strobe Light Kit

strobe-light-kitSidekick Basic Kit “A” for use with the Silent Call Sidekick