Long Term Success By Rod

From our happy clients:

My wife has had severe hearing problems, which have only worsened since her first visit to a hearing facility in the early 90’s. I am writing these comments from the perspective of a husband who would do anything to help his wife but could do nothing but sympathize. Observing her frustration over a period of years, five different providers, and three different devices with ongoing problems I could not help.

Sharon is technically far superior to any others we have seen, but her real strength is is in her desire to help my wife. She never is impatient, is calm, very supportive, and is a friend. She has made life much better for my wife, and myself as well. The saying: “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” doesn’t fit any more. My advice to anyone needing help in hearing is: JUST GO TO ELKHART AUDIOLOGY REHAB AND SEE SHARON. It’s the best thing you could do.

– Lou Anderson

After many years of severe hearing loss and going to several clinics in different pats of the country, I found Sharon Hirstein compassionate, caring, and the only one able to determine my special needs. She made the adjustments necessary or good clarity in hearing. I highly recommend her special expertise.

– Gladys Anderson

I like everything about Elkhart Audiology. Let me just mention a few. I would travel, but Elkhart Audiology is right here in Elkhart. I did some price checking, and Elkhart Audiology has the best price for similar but not better equipment. Last but not least, I find Sharon to be not only pleasant but a highly competent professional.

– J. Kiernan

I have appreciated every aspect of my experiences with Elkhart Audiology Rehab. I enjoy Sharon’s professional & friendly demeanor. Sharon explains all aspects of testing & treating completely–and in easy-to-understand language. I also appreciate Deb’s assistance. She and Sharon make a great team. I will continue to refer people to their office!

-Cathy B.