Lifestyle Factors

In addition to your hearing loss requirements and your budget, your lifestyle has a good deal to do with the type of hearing aid that might be best for you.

“Lifestyle” is a comprehensive term and can include such factors as:

  • Employment and volunteer work
  • Exercise (or lack thereof)
  • Social life
  • Comfort level with technology
  • Recreation
  • Travel & vacations
  • Physical health
  • Love life
  • Family life

Elkhart Audiology Rehab will help you navigate these factors and recommend a course of action based on your situation.

If you would like to perform a self-evaluation first, download this form, complete it, and bring it in for an informative discussion.

How These Factors Affect Hearing Aid Selection

Sharon Hirstein of Elkhart Audiology Rehab, will consider all these factors along with her clinical data to help you make a proper selection of devices.  However, here are some general conclusions we can draw based on lifestyle factors:

You lead an Active lifestyle if you

  • are very active socially and physically.
  • lead a busy life indoors and out.
  • stay up-to-date on technology.
  • etc.

Active lifestyles demand the Best performance from hearing aids.  This equates to the Premium products that (1) can automatically adjust to changes in listening environments, (2) are most effective at reducing background noises, (3) are loaded with technology such as Bluetooth compatibility and music listening optimization.

You lead a Moderately Active lifestyle if you

  • attend group meetings regularly.
  • attend small family gatherings.
  • are rarely in large groups or busy restaurants.
  • want improved hearing in varied situations automatically.

Moderately Active lifestyles demand Better performance from their hearing aids.  This equates to Advanced hearing aids that (1) can automatically adapt to the listening environment, (2) are effective at reducing background noise, (3) can offer automatic telephone features, and (4) can be Bluetooth compatible.

You lead a Less Active lifestyle if you

  • spend most of your time in quiet surroundings.
  • attend small meetings occasionally.
  • want good sound quality and speech understanding.

Less Active lifestyles need Good performance from hearing aids.  This equates to  Basic hearing aids that (1) features automatic or manual adjustment to the listening environment, (2) are best suited for quiet places and some noisy ones, and (3) are most affordable.

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