Three P’s

Elkhart Audiology Rehab takes an approach to better hearing that can be summarized in three words:

  • People
  • Product
  • Process

Of course, these words carry a great deal with them.

It starts with people. The stated core value of EAR is “providing ethical, relationship-based hearing care.” Responsive service, tailored to your individual needs—this is her focus.

“Product” brings a high tech component to her high-touch approach. Sharon Hirstein MA, American Board of Audiology Certified, makes a point to stay on top of evolving product technology so that she can offer you the latest advances in hearing loss treatment,

“Process” is also important. The clinical approach to better hearing taken by Sharon is a stark contrast to the retail approach you may get elsewhere. She doesn’t just want to sell you something. She wants you to communicate better. In addition, she provides a “functional” communication assessment. In other words, it’s all about you and your success in everyday life situations. That’s a contrast to the superficial “beep” tests performed by others.

Ongoing, follow-up care is also a hallmark for EAR. You’ll need cleanings, adjustments,and batteries replaced. From upfront testing to your hearing improvement plan to hearing aids to routine care, you will never feel rushed. For Sharon and EAR, it’s not a transaction, it’s a relationship.

Or, Would You Rather Have . . . ?

Did you know that you could buy hearing aids directly from Internet sites, including big box retailers? Stop and think about that. First, you can not know that you even need hearing aids without some required testing. Further, you can not know how the selected device will fit or even know if it is the right kind of device for your needs. Of greatest concern here, however, is that you get what you pay for. The low-price leader does not speak to quality (of service or of product).

a confused person

Some service providers will also make you feel like a number. The EAR approach is better.

Also, if you have already purchased a personal sound amplifier or Over the Counter Hearing Device and have questions or concerns, please contact us. We are here to help. With our extensive experience, we might be able to resolve your problem or point you in a better direction to obtain better results.