Anniversaries are Worth Celebrating!

Whether you remember a wedding day or the opening of your first business you look back on a commitment made and the milestone of another year of ups, downs and in-be-tweens.  Taking time to reflect on relationships and to set short-term or long-term goals will often set the stage for what you will accomplish in the next year.  The traditional 10 Year Anniversary Gift is Tin and Aluminum. However, the staff at Elkhart Audiology Rehab has come up with a variety of tokens to show our appreciation for YOU our patients that have made this 10 Year Anniversary possible!

We want to thank you for your business, your trust, your referrals and for literally sharing your lives with us as we connect on how to help you hear what matters most.  We will be sharing Lemonade and Dilly Bars the entire month of August so stop by the parking lot, give us a call, and we will bring your refreshing, contact-less, treat curbside.

Spreading Some Sunshine!

From August 10- August 25th you will be able to enter to win one of 3 Special Anniversary Gifts (one entry per day). You can enter to win at the office, by leaving a Google Review, sharing a post on Facebook or commenting on an Instagram photo. If you stop by the office, we also have some party favors:

  1. Chocolate EAR candy
  2. Mini flashlights
  3. Flavored Popcorn
  4. Chip-clip magnets
  5. EAR cookies
  6. Coffee Mugs
  7. Fruit Kabobs
  8. Hand Sanitizer
  9. 5 Keys to Rehab books                   
  10. EAR insulated lunch bags

The drawing for the 3 Special Anniversary Gifts will be on August 26th: $200 in Services or Accessories from EAR; $100 gift card from Linton’s Home and Garden Center; $50 gift card from the Tip and Toe Nail Salon. Names of winners will be drawn on August 26th.

Thank you for celebrating 10 years with us! We look forward to many more,
Sharon, Stefanie and Debbie

We Have New Hearing Solutions For You!

Training and testing have been completed on the new Livo platform from Starkey; Signia has added two nearly invisible products to their successful Nx line and Phonak Promises a new product launch in August and expect similar from ReSound soon. Why carry 3 or 4 product lines? Because I am focused on having the best solution for your hearing needs and pick and choose from the top performers in each category. It has also given me the option to minimize delays when a manufacture may be experiencing a parts shortage; shipping delays or personnel shortages depending on where illness or unrest may be an issue. Our focus is on giving you the best customer experience as well as the best product performers.  We are happy to educate you about your options on the phone, using a virtual platform or by having you visit for a personal demonstration.

Join us for a FREE learning hour.

We can also help you hear better by getting you comfortable with using an App on your smart phone.  You will need to have your passwords for your phone and the App store. Call ahead to reserve your spot…Maximize Your Hearing Aids!

  • Keep your phone connected
  • Adjust features that enhance clarity
  • How you can talk to text-allowing you to see what is being said


Speech Intelligibility Down 10-30%!

In closing, masks are adding to the challenge of hearing. You are not imagining the extra effort it takes to understand speech correctly.  When possible, please be an advocate for using a clear mask or face-shield as visual cues do increase hearing accuracy. If you don’t understand, don’t bluff. Ask the person to repeat or rephrase what was said as some words are easier to understand than other.  Also, hearing aids can be temporarily/permanently adjusted to compensate for the speech degradation occurring from a mask and social distancing by using a new program or a feature on an App. If you want assistance, curbside, inside and remote programming options are available depending on your hearing aid technology. Quick Tips Include:

  1. Get the persons attention before you start to relay information
  2. Reduce background noise from the TV, radio, dishwasher…
  3. Speak slowly but do not exaggerate your words
  4. Do Not Shout but enunciate clearly
  5. Do not speak while walking away

Stay Healthy, Stay Hearing and Celebrate the Good Times!

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