It is common for adults to experience hearing loss as they increase in age. However, despite what some might believe, those over 55 are not the only ones who experience it. In America hearing loss levels among young adults are growing. Experts suggest that noise induced hearing loss can be stopped in its tracks given the right resources ( October is Audiology Awareness Month. Here at Elkhart Audiology Rehab, Audiology Awareness is not specific to a month out of a year, but our sole mission and passion.

Like most health issues, it can take time before you decide to take action. We want to encourage you to call now for your baseline hearing test. Waiting to seek help can lead to significant problems with your overall health. People with better hearing have fewer falls, less isolation and depression. Don’t wait for your hearing to get better (it won’t by itself), take control and talk to your doctor about a referral or call us directly to get you started on the path to better hearing health. If you are experiencing tinnitus, there are treatment options so don’t suffer in silence. If you need custom molds for better wise reduction in noisy situations we do that too.

Services at E.A.R.

Elkhart Audiology is equipped with state of the art test equipment; we follow best practices for the evaluation and treatment of hearing. We are available 5 days a week and have routinely been voted “Best Hearing Services in Elkhart County.”

  • Diagnostic Hearing Tests provide testing with speech in noise.
  • Advanced, sleek hearing aids – you don’t need to change the batteries and are standard with 3 year warranties.
  • Education and Rehab are a routine part of your follow up.

Our Leader

Sharon Hirstein is uniquely qualified to evaluate and treat your hearing needs; she listens and can use your history and results to guide you in selecting the options best for you with the goal of optimizing your hearing benefits.

Meet Rod,

Rod played center in his high school football team when he was younger. Even then he recognized that he had difficulties with his hearing, stating that he struggled to hear the signals given by his teammates. In college he was diagnosed with Otosclerosis. Otosclerosis is an autoimmune disorder that causes irregular development in the size of the bone located center in the ear. Rod noted that resources given to them were not sufficient and “primitive.” When Rod became a client of Sharon’s he saw significant improvement in his hearing and found her very understanding of his issues. “It’s just a pleasure to her expertise and the ability she has of making thing work,” he shared in a recent interview.

Special Educational Seminar

On Wednesday, October 23rd, a seminar is being held at Lucchese’ Italian Restaurant. Reservations are required to attend this function. At this seminar you will learn about the co-morbidity of hearing loss with diabetes, cardiac disease, and kidney disease. As well as how hearing loss is correlated with dementia and tinnitus. At the seminar questions about tinnitus solutions will be explained. Along with the latest in hearing aid advancements and the benefits of using a hearing loop in your home, church or public venue will also be highlighted.


Fire Safety

Those with high frequency hearing loss are often at a disadvantage when it comes to fire safety. 56% of those who have high frequency hearing loss woke up to a standard smoking alarm while the others did not hear it. Even when steps were taken to increase the volume so these individuals could hear the alarm, only 16% of this group woke up to the alar. Studies have determined that close to 40% of those who died in house fires have had working smoke alarms. Some people have tested solutions like pillow shakers and strobe lights, but even these could be unsuccessful.

What can we do?

The solution is not to continue increasing the volume of these alarms, but rather to lower the pitch of them. Alarms have been created which only emit 520 Hz of sound. These alarms are typically rather large and more costly, but in the end saving a life is more important than what you will spend. Interested in finding out more? Ask us or search the web for Safe Awake Smoke & Fire Alarms or Lifetime HLAC151 Bedside Fire Alarms.

Why is Audiology Awareness Important?

Hearing is a precious gift regardless of your age. Often hearing loss emerges slowly and you are not always aware that something is missing. Early treatments can protect you from further damage along the road. Correcting hearing loss allows you to hear the words of your family, sounds of your pets, and experience the nature in the world around you. Don’t be shy! Give us a call or send us an email us through our contact form. We’ve been through this before and are happy to answer your questions and reduce your fears about taking the next step. Act now and hear the leaves crunch and the blessings voiced at your holiday table!

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