Time for an Anniversary Celebration!  

Thanks for choosing us as the caretakers of your hearing.Next month Elkhart Audiology Rehab will be celebrating our 8th anniversary. I’m so thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to connect with you over the years, which is why we’re celebrating this anniversary all month long! When you visit our office in August, you’ll find free ice cream available in addition to the usual cookies and coffee. It’s our little way of saying thank you for trusting us with something as important as your hearing health. 


Meet The Latest Addition to Our Team. 

Stefanie is here to help schedule appointments, clean your hearing aids, and answer general questions about your hearing aids. Stefanie graduated from IPFW in 2012 with a degree in Communications Sciences and Disorders. Here’s a brief interview to help you get to know our new team member a little better.  

Why are You Excited to be Working at Elkhart Audiology?Meet Stefanie!

I have had a love for speech and hearing for the past 10 years. I earned my bachelor’s in Communication Sciences and Disorders in 2012. This degree allowed me to go to either the Speech Pathology or Audiology route in the future. I have taken a few full and part-time jobs, but have never felt fulfilled in them. Coming to Elkhart Audiology has relit the fire within me! Once again, I have found my passion. I enjoy coming to work, learning new things, and meeting all of our wonderful clients!

What’s Your Favorite Movie? 

Stand by Me has been a long time favorite.

What Sports Team Do You Root For? 

Green Bay Packers!!

What’s One Snack You Love To Keep Around? 

Cookies and Ice cream! We go through a lot of Oreo and chewy chips ahoy cookies. 😉 I also love to have a bowl of ice cream before bed.

Other Fun Facts:

  • My birthday is on Halloween.
  • My favorite colors are Hot Pink, Mint Green, and Burgundy.
  • I love glitter and cheetah print.

Don’t worry! Deb is still here. Stefanie is just the latest addition to our crew. Be sure to stop by and introduce yourself! 

If You’re Struggling to Hear, It’s Time to Reclaim Your Independence 

Fireworks on independence day. Take care of your ears and hearing during the show! Better Hearing is all about HAVING Your Independence! The latest hearing aid models are filled with advantages that will get you back on your feet and enjoying everyday conversations and sounds you’ve been missing. Here are a few feature highlights from Phonak.  

Sand and Water Resistant Hearing Aids 

Hot weather is here. Enjoy your days on the beach with sand and water resistant hearing aids. 

Excellent Speech Understanding 

Social gatherings shouldn’t be intimidating. Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ has the power to identify individual voices in a crowded room so you can converse with confidence. 

24 Hour Operating Time 

When activities keep going, you can too. Modern chargers can keep your hearing aids operational for a full 24 hours. 

Another LOOP in Action 

Loop technology logo The Elkhart Rotary club recently funded a new LOOP hearing assistance system for the Matterhorn Event Center. The system can be used for any club meeting or social event held in the west end of the building that uses the sound system. 

Sharon helped spearhead the installation by working with Sherman Hansen of the Rotary and Scott Peyton form American Loop Services. Scott is a veteran with a hearing loss and a passion to help people optimize their hearing in public venues. He was glad to help with another LOOP installation and hopes this one is just as successful as the ones being used at The Lerner Theater and the chapel at Hubbard Hill Retirement Center. 

Why is Sharon advocating so much on behalf of Loop systems? Simple, “Hearing Loops decrease distraction, reduce distance, and eliminate reverberation to allow people with hearing loss to increase their ability to hear correctly and reduce listening fatigue,” says Sharon. Stop by the office and you can try it for yourself!

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

When you’re ready to receive personalized care for your hearing, give us a call at 574-262-3277. We’d love to schedule a consultation or hearing assessment to get you headed on the right track. 

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