What are Real Ear Measures?

Today’s hearing aid technology has more capabilities than ever. Hearing devices are wonderfully flexible. We can even tune most of them to fit the needs of a specific individual. However, when these devices come from the manufacturer, they are set to default “test settings.” Those default settings don’t align with anyone’s specific hearing needs.

real ear measures equipment

Real ear measure tools used by Elkhart Audiology Rehab.

Real Ear Measures are the best-practice processes that allow us to dial-in your hearing aid. That means your device will pick up the sounds you’re missing and deliver them in the most pleasing way possible.

How It Works 

First, we place a small, flexible microphone probe into your ear canal without the aid and measure the resonance of your ear canal. Then, we run a  series of measurements to integrate the size and shape of your ear canals with your hearing loss data and the characteristics available in your hearing aid. While this is running, the audiologist reviews the data and makes educated changes to maximize performance. Sharon, our audiologist, may also change the coupling of your hearing aid to your ear to ensure better access to sound.

The Result? 

-customized hearing solutions that ensure audibility and comfort.

-better speech understanding

-significantly higher satisfaction with your hearing aid

Unfortunately, while research indicates that clients are far more satisfied with their hearing aid when audiologists use Real-Ear Measurements, as few as 30% of practitioners offer the service. In fact, one study entitled, “Real-Ear Measurement and Its Impact on Aided Audibility and Patient Loyalty,” published in The Hearing Review indicates that as many as 81% of hearing-aid fittings are done without using REM.

What Happens without REM? 

Fitting hearing aids without using REM is similar to obtaining a prescription medication without a physician checking your medical history. Not considering your weight, height, and other factors puts you at risk for being under or over medicated. Without REMs, the hearing care provider is basically guessing at whether the manufacturer’s targets are appropriate for you.

Another thing to consider is that providers who make the investment in REM equipment and training are the real professionals. Hearing aid technology, and the diagnostic equipment, has evolved tremendously in the past decades. If a provider isn’t serious enough about validating hearing aid fittings with REM, I’d wonder what other areas s/he hasn’t kept up to date.

Audiologist Sharon Working at her desk

Audiologist Sharon looks at hearing test results and hearing aid solutions at her desk.

Have a Better Experience 

You deserve best practices. Research shows you get better outcomes and a higher rate of satisfaction from you hearing devices when you use REM.  Your investment might be greater at an office with best practices, but your benefits will be too!

At Elkhart Audiology, we take you through the REM process so you have the best experience with your hearing aid. At the end of the day, we’ll tailor your device to meet your hearing needs. That way, when you leave our office, you’ll know you have a product customized to pick up the sounds you want to hear, not a one-size-fits-all “solution” that may leave you wondering, “is this the best I can do?”

Ready to Fall Back In Love with Your Hearing?

Contact us today to get started on your journey to a life with significantly improved hearing. We can’t wait to see how much you love hearing your favorite sounds again.

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