Hearing and Vision- What is the Connection?

Turning down the radio removes enough incoming data to make it easier to concentrate. Or in other words it reduces cognitive load. We do more than see with our eyes, hear with our ears and taste with our tongue… our brain merges it all together. What you see can influence what you taste and hear. There are reports that show the brain needs to work harder to hear when we are looking away from what or whom we are listening. March 3rd happens to be the day where the World Health Organization recognizes the importance of hearing on our health and World Optometry day is March 23rd. What does this mean for you? It is time to get your hearing and vision checked if you haven’t in the last year or two.

Good Vision doesn’t mean good eye health. 40 million Americans are at risk for vision problems because they have forfeited early detection and treatment for cataracts, diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, and macular disease.

Many hearing and balance issues can also be missed because one ear is better than the other and we can still carry on a conversation without too many requests for repeats or the idea that hearing loss is a “normal” part of aging. Asymmetric hearing loss can be a sign of a slow growing acoustic neuroma. Mild hearing loss is associated with neural re-origination and cognitive deficits.

Need a referral to an eye doctor you can trust? Give us a call, we have several we have worked with over the years and would be happy to connect you with a trusted provider. We at Elkhart Audiology Rehab would be happy to evaluate the hearing of you or a loved one. Referrals are not necessary but often your physician will provide a referral for a diagnostic evaluation if there are medical concerns which might be influencing your hearing. Don’t be shy. Getting help NOW will provide you with better vision and hearing outcomes in the long run.

Did you know it is best to store batteries in their original packaging or a battery caddy to keep them from touching one another or anything metal (including the change in your pocket or purse). Otherwise, they can discharge and be dead even with the battery tab still in place. Dead batteries can still contain a partial charge and should not be kept stored in large quantities. Most hearing aid batteries can be thrown out in your normal trash. We do offer a recycling box at the office and do dispose of them properly.

If you need a battery caddy, or want to share one with a friend, give us a call or pick one up the next time you are in as we have them available and free of charge!

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Elkhart Audiology

What do you say to encourage someone to seek our services rather than make a purchase off of the internet or from a large retail location to save money? We know we are initially more expensive, but we believe our expertise and personal care is valuable. It will also save you time and money as your journey with hearing loss continues.
Which reason below is your favorite? Do you have another reason? We’d love to hear it! Please leave us a review on our Google or Facebook Page; the internet is good for some things!

  1. The team at Elkhart Audiology Rehab educates you on your hearing loss and your treatment options for care rather than pushing one choice that is on sale.
  2. Ears are visually examined routinely; necessary medical dermatology or ENT referrals are accepted and trusted by area family physicians.
  3. Comprehensive case histories, functional needs and communication assessments used to provide realistic expectations for improvement, and a care plan is provided to help meet individual goals.
  4. Real ear testing is standard to verify aided benefit for audibility and adjust hearing aid parameters to maximize success.
  5. Fast service on hearing aid repairs; many within 48 hours. Hearing aid loaners for situations requiring factory service.
  6. Telehealth, remote hearing aid adjustments (when technology is available) and senior center/ home visits are available.
  7. Ear impressions for custom solutions that stay in place… fantastic for your smart phone, MP3 player, hearing protection and hearing aids…all with or without Blue Tooth options.
  8. Face to face or internet based auditory rehab to enhance communication skills.
  9. Easy to use assistive devices like remote microphones, television streamers and free amplified telephones in our office and on our website with shipping direct to your home and personalized setup as needed.
  10. Community involvement to bring “hearing loop” services to the area and provide free hearing screenings at local senior centers.

What to Expect Next?

We do not have a crystal ball but the risk of over-running our healthcare facilities in the Elkhart area seem to be heading toward a little safer level. We are seeing clients for inside appointments or curbside depending on your comfort level and the ability to space people apart.

  • We request you call or beep your car horn upon arrival and we will advise you of the next step to keep us all socially distanced.
  • We ask you not to come to the office if you have any signs of illness or have been in contact with anyone confirmed with the Covid-19 virus for at least 10 days after your exposure.
  • You will be required to wear a mask for the duration of your appointment inside until we are advised differently by the local health department, or CDC.
  • Our appointment times are still extended to allow for disinfecting and HEPA UV air handling equipment to be used between clients in a treatment area. Our cough/sneeze guards are in place and hand sanitizer is available in several locations.

If you have questions or concerns, please call ahead for any clarification.

We are looking forward to connecting with you again in person, but are happy to assist you any way we can to keep you connected to the people and things you love- Blessings to you- Sharon, Stefanie, Deb and Danielle

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