2019 is bringing many changes to the hearing healthcare arena. As your local resource for hearing health, we prioritize keeping you up to date on important hearing aid and audiology updates. Here’s what’s coming up that might affect you or someone you love. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or provide our information as a trusted referral.

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Elkhart Clinic Audiologist Retiring This Month 

After many years of caring audiology service, Patricia Welty, AuD will retire in March 2019. The Elkhart Clinic continues to have a wonderful audiologist, Abby Johnson, AuD working in conjunction with their ENT department. However, the hearing aid fitting and dispensing portion of the clinic will no longer be available. 

If you know any Elkhart Clinic hearing aid patients who are voicing concerns about where to go, refer them to Elkhart Audiology Rehab. Our office has dispensed Siemens, Signia, ReSound and Phonak products for many years. Additionally, we have the software, parts, and can access warranty information easily to handle their service needs. 

EAR Office Hours

We are open 5 days a week. Monday – Thursdays we see patients from 8 – 5:30 and Friday’s from 8 – noon. Contact us any time to schedule your appointment. 

Over the Counter Hearing Aid Act Coming Soon 

department store isles with over the counter products

Soon, over the counter hearing aids will be available at department stores like this one.

Later this year the Over The Counter Hearing Aid Act guidelines will be finalized. Patients looking for a low-cost alternative to professionally fit hearing instruments will have access to new options through the internet and retail venues. 

However, assistance regarding the daily cleaning, maintenance, or replacement of parts and easy to understand instructions will often be limited by those sources. Our trained staff can troubleshoot many questions without products being mailed away or trying to understand directions over the phone.  This is extremely helpful. As you might guess, phone calls can be quite frustrating when someone doesn’t hear well. We offer face-to-face help and will only charge for any supplies and the time needed to address their concern in 15-minute billable increments.

Hearing Aid Subscription Plan Brings Payment Flexibility 

We have teamed up with Allegra credit to offer a new hearing aid subscription plan.  The lease agreement is for 48 months. Also, it allows for hearing aids to be upgraded to new technology after 36 months. Plus, the devices include a 4-year warranty and service plan. 

Hearing Aid Subscription Benefits 

  • Budget-friendly 
  • Predictable monthly payments
  • Free repairs, adjustments, and service calls 

For more details on our hearing aid subscription packages, call 574-262-3277. We’re happy to answer any questions. 

Did You Know?

March is kidney health month, but did you know that kidney health is extremely connected to hearing health? 

Chronic kidney disease and hearing loss have a lot of risk factors in common. Diabetes and high blood pressure are just two of the risk factors shared by both conditions. 

In addition, in some cases Dialysis can worsen hearing loss. If you’re receiving treatment for kidney disease, be sure to get your hearing checked regularly to ensure you’re taking the best care of your whole self.

Get a Board Certified Audiologist in Your Corner 

As a board-certified audiologist, Sharon Hirstein will provide the best practices needed to ensure you get care from someone dedicated to their communication success. Please feel free to share any of the resources here on our website or Facebook page at any time. If you have any specific concerns, please do not hesitate to call. We look forward to helping you advance your hearing health in 2019! 

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