Low-Frequency Hearing Loss often connects to serious heart-health issues. 

There may be 16-24 inches between your heart and your ears, but the health of each is closely related. The Global Siemens Headquarters shared studies which said that patients who experienced low-frequency hearing loss also showed signs of many cardiovascular disease risk factors.


It’s all about the blood flow. 

An unhealthy heart can’t pump blood at the same rate as a healthy one. That means an unhealthy heart causes insufficient blood flow to the ears, causing trauma to blood vessels in the inner ear. All this makes people with known cardiovascular issues significantly more at risk for experiencing hearing loss. Conversely, those with hearing loss are much more likely to also have heart trouble.

Ignoring Hearing Loss Symptoms can come with Grave Consequences 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that 610,000 Americans die from heart disease each year. That makes it the overall leading cause of death in the country. Yet the strong correlation between hearing loss and heart disease gives you more ways to identify warning signs than ever before.

Getting regular hearing evaluations and audiograms can help identify symptoms of hearing loss and heart trouble before serious damage is done to either part of your body.

Help Your Hearing and Heart Stay Strong

There are plenty of ways you can help maintain both your cardiovascular and hearing health. Here are a few tips for keeping your heart and your hearing healthy.

Exercise to keep your Hearing and Heart Healthy

Jogging for at least 30 minutes several times a week is a great way to maintain heart health, which can also help your hearing.


In a study conducted by The American Journal of Medicine, researchers discovered that a high body mass index, or BMI, puts people at a higher risk for hearing loss. The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise 5 days a week to keep your heart health in check.


The correlation between heart and hearing health is so strong that audiograms can serve as a screening test for both heart and hearing damage. If you’re interested in scheduling a hearing test, let us know. We’re happy to help you keep your hearing and heart healthy.



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