March 16, 2020

Re: Hearing Services and CoVid-19


Dear EAR family member,

To reduce the potential spread of the virus, we are making changes to our appointment schedule and may contact you by phone. Our purpose is to space clients out during the day to limit social contact and to allow for the thorough cleaning of surfaces. Please do not show up more than 10 minutes early or late to your scheduled appointment time.

  • Most appointments at our office are not “urgent” in nature but if you have a broken device or an immediate problem, please call ahead for a time devoted to your concerns.
  • We offer a drop-off and pick up service. There are red boxes at the front desk where hearing aid(s) may be placed and fill out a page with your name, phone number and list of your concerns (or you can write this information out before the aid is dropped off). Anyone can drop off an aid(s) or pick it up for you; especially if you are over 60 years of age or have a known underlying health issue like diabetes or chronic respiratory disease.
  • We are following CDC guidelines for hand washing, use of hand sanitizer, wearing gloves and wipe down surfaces using disinfectant wipes after each patient.
  • We request you do not come to our office if you have a temperature, cough or have traveled internationally in the last 2 weeks. Stay home till you feel better or seek medical attention or if your illness worsens. It is recommended you call your health care provider/urgent care ahead of time to notify them of your health concerns.

Please check out our Facebook page or our website under the Audiology Blog tab for updates to this plan. If in doubt, please give us a call and we can determine how we might best assist you. There will not be handshakes or hugs until we are notified it is safe to do so. . . We wish you good physical and mental health as we follow precautions and provide you the best in hearing care.

Kind Regards,

Sharon Hirstein, Stephanie and Deb

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