We understand. We have Options

The current climate has brought uncertainty for health, finances, and levels of safety. Uncertainty brings new questions, challenges, and emotions. We believe communicating regularly with you at this time will help reduce fear, provide direction, and result in better patient outcomes. Our goal is to be sure you know we care about you and will work to limit risk to you and our employees in a respectful manner without discriminating.

  • We have in-office options for those that pass Covid Screening tools and are willing to wear a mask.
  • We can offer telehealth appointments on the phone or from your computer for consultations about hearing aids and tinnitus.
  • We are happy to provide “white glove” hearing aid cleanings curbside.
  • We can repair, reprogram, or replace hearing aids depending on your budget.

Our cookies are back! We have a variety of individually packaged cookies to take home with you as a symbol of our appreciation for entrusting us with your care. Current Hours of operation continue from 8am-11am and 1pm-4pm Monday through Thursday.

All Services, Payments, Orders and Supplies STILL REQUIRE AN APPOINTMENT TIME. We plan to re-open for “walk-in” services July 6th.

June Means…. Father’s Day and the First Day of Summer!
It is also Men’s Health Month.

What man in your life might be brushing off a health issue? Is one of them hearing loss?

Research has shown men often need a little inspiration to take action and being positive about the benefits of treatment is the best way to encourage them to schedule an appointment.

Consider these 3 Approaches:

Do they consider themselves a GO-GETTER? Addressing hearing loss increases self confidence and shows they are willing to tackle issues headon. A hearing test will give them facts to make better decisions about hearing treatment options. One size does not fit all.

The better they hear, the better they will feel, and the better they will connect with people around them. If they Value Relationships, tell them It is a sign they care. Relationships rely on good communication skills. Wearing hearing aids can results in a better social life and fewer misunderstandings with co-workers. Especially when we are still wearing masks and staying 6 feet apart.

Loving Life and living it to the fullest reuqires being intentional. Exercise, eating right, and taking care of health concerns early often means easier treatement plans rather than putting something off and having a longer recovery period with less benefit. Wearing hearing aids is just another way to stay fit. Embrace the issue of better hearing health and soon they can be living their life with gusto again!


Some Facts About Masks and the Impact on Speech

Simple Medical Masks create a low-pass filter for speech so fewer consonant sounds like s-f- and th can be heard yet the vowels like a and e are heard more easily. Masks also reduce volume and remove visual cues which is going to result in more misunderstandings and more frustration trying to hear accurately. Masks with a clear front will allow for visual cues. They can be purchased on-line one at a time or in larger orders from a colleague in California. Her website link is www.thehearingspot.com they are $15 each. They can be hand washed and reused.

Smart Phones and Apps to Hear Better

Apps like Live Transcribe and Otter will print words you are speaking out on the screen to help confirm what is being said when you are in person and myCall to text app transcribes phone calls to provide this visual confirmation (free app, both users need it downloaded).

Even with folks being careful, hearing aids have fallen off when removing a mask. If you happen to be the one to find a hearing aid or know someone that has found a stray, please contact us. Hearing aids have serial numbers and can often be traced back to the owner through the manufacturer. We would be happy to assist in the process of reuniting them!

Communication takes more than hearing which is why we have always offered individual Aural Rehab; periodic Communication Tip Seminars; and incorporate functional hearing screenings at each of your follow up visits. We want you to optimize your communication strategies and have found a new fun way to do so. Each new hearing aid fitting will now receive this book on 5 Keys to Communication Success written by a colleague in Colorado. In addition, a weekly tip is emailed to reinforce the listening tips. Give us a call if you are interested in this new approach.

What’s The Latest In Hearing Aid Technology?

Healthable Hearing Technology

Are you worried about a fall? Think it would be cool if your hearing aid could talk to tell you the weather upon request? Translate a language? There is new hearing aid technology that can provide these options in addition to helping you hear better. The devices use embedded motion sensors and artificial intelligence to track physical activity, auditory stimulation to the brain and offer other support services by connecting to your smart phone and using an App.

Another First: Custom Devices!

that offer 2.4 GHz connectivity and are rechargeable…so NO More Battery Changes.

Time Flies When Your Having Fun!

Sharon is celebrating 35 years as an audiologist; 10 years in her own private practice and 5 years here at the location on County Road 17. She is feeling very blessed to have you as part of this journey and credits YOU with keeping audiology interesting and challenging over time.Having the right staff also makes each day enjoyable. Stefanie has been here two years now and has graduated to the audiology assistant role and Deb will celebrate a year in August in her engaging role as a patient care coordinator. For those of you that have noticed a new voice, Olivia is a student working with us this summer. She recently graduated Memorial High School and will be starting in an audiology program this fall so she is getting some “hands on training” early and we are very grateful for her help. We hope to have our annual patient celebration in August. Stay tuned however, as we will wait to finalize things until we can assure patient and staff safety.

May you be blessed in health and wealth- Sharon, Stefanie, Deb and Olivia

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