Do you ever feel like parts of you are slipping away? The feeling can start when things we take for granted become strenuous and tiresome. Hearing loss is one common affliction that makes you feel and appear older and less like yourself at the same time.

9 Side Effects of Hearing Loss that Age You

When your ability to hear fades, other abilities begin to drift too, which, in turn, ages you. Enjoyable parts of life become tiresome and stressful.

  1. Creating new memories becomes more difficult.
  2. Attention and concentration slip as friends and co-workers need to repeat themselves.
  3. Mental and physical energy are reduced as listening requires more effort and your mind works harder to fill gaps in your hearing.
  4. The sharpness of your memory fades (if you didn’t hear things correctly, how will you remember them correctly?).
  5. Awareness and safety become a concern as hearing traffic and other hazards become difficult.
  6. Communicating is strenuous as your ability to understand and respond to questions in time disappears.
  7. Social support diminishes while social anxiety increases. Fear of answering questions incorrectly and asking people to repeat themselves in social situations grows.
  8. Effectiveness at work decreases and self-efficacy lessens.
  9. Quality of life fades and access to opportunities is harder to come by.

When you are isolated from your social groups and feeling incomplete, it’s easy to slide into a depression that amplifies the side effects of hearing loss. Depression can then lead to further health problems that fuel a perpetual cycle of difficulties and new health concerns. Fortunately, modern hearing aids provide hope. Getting fit with the right hearing aids and servicing plan can keep you sharp, social, and living at your highest capacity.

Hearing Aids and Services Customized for You

Everyone’s ear shape and hearing goals are unique. Some individuals want to hear subtle sounds like water running over stones in a creek or the sizzle and pop of a hamburger hitting a grill. Others want more clarity in conversation so they can speak with family, friends, and co-workers with ease. The reality is that these variable goals don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why our approach is client-specific and customizable from start to finish.

  • We start by providing extensive hearing testing to identify your specific variety of hearing loss.
  • Using the results of your testing, we adjust your hearing aids to distinguish the sounds you need to hear and keep all other noise at a comfortable volume.
  • Then, we fit your hearing aids to your ears so they’re comfortable to wear and refrain from falling out.
  • After you’re happy with your hearing aids, we continue to follow up with you and service your devices to keep them functioning at the highest level.

Youthful man swings two children around on a beach

Like routine eye exams, dental cleanings, and physicals, routine hearing exams and treatment should be a regular part of your life. When your hearing slips, you miss out on life, and our community misses the gifts you have to offer. Lasik, Botox, fitness coaches and hearing devices keep you looking, feeling, and behaving young! Your hearing is at the HEART of maximizing and maintaining your relationships and achievements.

Flexible Payment Options

We know that getting quality testing, hearing aids, and care can seem overwhelming, so we provide the support you need and offer five ways to pay for your new lifestyle. In addition to accepting cash, check and charge payments, we also offer a 12 month, interest-free financing plan and an all-new Allegro Leasing Option.

This lease includes low monthly payments ranging from $149 a month to $184 per month, depending on the features and services you prefer. It also gives you the ability to upgrade after 3 years or buy-out in 48 months. Plus, your hearing aids will never be out of warranty; no repair or service charges as long as the lease continues—it’s a high-end hearing subscription! If you have questions about any of our payment plans, send us a message. We look forward to finding which solution works for you.

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