It’s February and “Love” is in the air…. It is the month to check your heart health; the month to give a little extra attention to those you care about on February 14th; and we want you to love your hearing!

What does loving your hearing mean? We’d like to suggest one way, means wearing hearing protective devices when you are doing something noisy. It only takes one blast from a firearm to create permanent damage and you don’t have to be the one shooting. But noise exposure can also be accumulated over a period of time which is why so many musicians, audio engineers; band directors; singers and even bartenders are now turning to use special “passive” custom filtered hearing protection or “active” monitors to protect their hearing and prevent tinnitus so they can enjoy their performances for a lifetime.

If you’d like more information on these devices, call the office for a 15minute no charge consult on what might be best for you. We provide the service of taking ear impressions for $40 a set. We can order you product from our trusted supplier; price will vary based on what you choose but we have non-custom options starting at $30 and custom passive units starting at $120 .

Electronic versions will vary in price depending on the fidelity and number of armatures you are looking to have. We partner with Westone for our music products but have taken impressions for many other companies as well for those placing an order over the internet.

We can also verify how much your hearing protection is cutting the noise. How you ask? By using our real ear measurement microphone in your ear when we present noise without protection and then by taking another measurement with the same noise level once you have your hearing protection in place.




Real Ear Verification Equipment

Did you know your heart function can impact your hearing function?

Those that have high blood pressure may demonstrate more tinnitus complaints due the medication or combination of medications they are on. It is a good to ask your doctor or pharmacist about your medications and any possible links to tinnitus if you have noticed some recent ringing in your ears.
Those with heart issues can also report pulsing in their ear or exhibit a low frequency hearing loss. These symptoms are why we take an extensive history of your hearing, your overall health and request your medication when you come for a visit.
We will work with your doctor to minimize your susceptibility to further hearing loss and to minimize your tinnitus symptoms. When you have chronic heart, kidney or diabetic health concerns it is recommended to have your hearing tested every two years.

Loving Your Hearing May Mean Wearing Hearing Aids…

Sometimes the epiphany takes a while. No one actually looks forward to being told they need help to hear well. Sometimes the epiphany is not straight forward and first attempt to hear better doesn’t work out as well as you’d hoped. The key is to keep communicating, explaining and working with an audiologist that is up to date on all the options available to treat your hearing needs. The situation can be like a puzzle and without the right piece in the right place you can’t engage in conversation the way you would like; but as many of our clients will testify, we can get it right.

It is important to focus on how hearing loss is affecting your relationships with loved ones. Sometime the one who needs help with their hearing in not you but someone close to you. Consider telling them, “I love you”, or “you are important to me”, and I want to have a relationship with you — but I need you to hear as well as you possibly can. The Elkhart Audiology Rehab team has the education, expertise and the access to many options from multiple vendors to provide specific solutions. You will never be pressured to make a decision on the “deal of the day” or to “act now” or lose the discount. We want you to be comfortable and confident in your choice and our approach to client centered care. Our ultimate goal is for you to LOVE YOR HEARING!

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