I’m sure you can relate to misunderstandings, the need for repetition, being embarrassed and other frustrations that are a part of hearing loss. It takes dedication and the passion to want to help others hear well and conquer these challenges. Elkhart Audiology Rehab is fortunate to have a team of individuals that will encourage, re-instruct, and provide services to help others hear better. They have “heard the call” to be a part of helping others hear better. Seeing people SMILE when they can hear better is the reward!

We help those with hearing loss locally, with face-to-face personalized care but we also help others globally. How? $10 from each hearing aid purchase goes to a 5013(c)-organization involved in humanitarian events to provide better hearing to those who cannot afford hearing care. In September, Sharon will be traveling to Coatzacoalcos and Veracruz, Mexico to participate in one of these global events where over 100 individuals are served in a few long days. On November 17th, we will be hosting a small hearing aid fitting event at our office in Elkhart. We have applications available at our front desk and are working with the Salvation Army, Elkhart Council on Aging, Soup for Success and members of the Elkhart Rotary to identify candidates for assistance.

Please feel free to contact us if you’d like additional information, an application or to make a donation to Hearing The Call.

A big THANK YOU to the team at EAR for their part in improving the hearing of others daily and for making events like our 13 Year Anniversary Celebration and the upcoming Michiana Hearing The Call Hearing Smile Event possible!!



Cardiovascular Disease and Hearing Loss

Although research hasn’t found one definite answer concerning hearing loss and cardiovascular connections, significant correlations were found between low-frequency hearing loss and the presence of myocardial infarction, coronary artery disease, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease. When we identify low-frequency hearing loss, we will refer you back to your family physician for a consultation if this has not been documented in the past. Our goal is to minimize the impact of any undetected heart health issues, including your hearing. Your ear is an organ of your body that is fed by your blood. Good nutrition and oxygen supply are needed to keep it functioning optimally. The healthier your heart, the more stable your hearing abilities will stay. Another reason to stay fit!


Smart Phone App Upgrades:

Many of the hearing aid manufacturers have upgraded their smartphone apps. Some have new names and new features. Most of them also have new “permissions” you will need to answer. This is due to different laws in different countries and what you need to be aware of as far as information the hearing aid company can use or share based on your use of the app. Some permissions are required if you need or want remote programming assistance. They are not looking to give your personal identity to others, but they may use it to better develop their product and to contact you in the future. Bluetooth permission needs to always be on if you ever want to use your iPhone to find your hearing devices.


• The Oticon ON App is being discontinued and replaced by the Oticon Companion App.
• The most current Signia App is called “Signia” and replaces the touch control and easyTek versions.
• Phonak’s app is called myPhonak
• ReSound Smart 3D is the most current version at this time but may have an upcoming change as the GN Hearing and Audio division will merge impacting ReSound, Beltone, and Jabra as of October 1, 2023

We are here to help with any glitches you might experience between your hearing aid connection to the app. Just give us a call for assistance. Sometimes we can help over the phone; otherwise, we will get you in for an appointment to resolve the issue. Most manufacturers also have a hotline you can call for assistance if you need help and we are unavailable.
Oticon: 800-526-3921 x2037
Phonak: 800-679-4871
ReSound: 800-735-4327
Signia: 800-350-6093
Starkey: 888-227-8906
Widex: 844-497-8844

Tinnitus Tips:

Tinnitus is a complex phenomenon. Approximately 44 million Americans experience tinnitus. Statistics indicate 8 million of those find it to be a significant problem and 2 million find it debilitating. To reduce the impact of tinnitus, several approaches can be taken. The most common is treating an underlying hearing loss, but others include addressing diet, sleep, stress, the use of certain medications, TMJ issues, blood pressure, and misalignment of the neck. A medical evaluation is the place to start; followed by a comprehensive hearing evaluation and tinnitus assessment. There is no cure for tinnitus, but there are many management strategies to reduce the impact on daily activities. We are here to guide you. Call us to schedule your consultation.

You Can Improve performance and extend the life of your hearing aid!

1. Cleaning and disinfection of your hearing aids on a regular basis will prevent itchy and red ears.
2. Firmware Upgrades help your hearing aids perform optimally and limits connectivity issues with your phone.
3. Moisture Reduction helps specifically maintain the integrity of your microphone and receiver diaphragms to keep sound quality bright.
4. Replacement of your domes ensures proper fit to minimize feedback and reduces the likelihood of them coming off in your ear.
5. Maintaining your hearing aids reduces the probability of a manufacturer repair, keeping them in your ears!

Medicare Replacement / Advantage Plans and Hearing Aids

We remain out of network with TruHearing, Nations, Hearing Care Solutions, and Amplifon. The good news is we have a manufacturer offering independent, private practice audiology offices a premium product at a significant discount to allow us to remain competitive with this segment of the market. If you have a benefit plan, it is possible to waive the use of the in-network option and to stay with us for a similar out-of-pocket expense, yet get our best practice procedures and award-winning customer care. Check your plan and give us a call if you are ready for new hearing devices!

Thanks to each of you that came out to our anniversary celebration! We loved seeing your smiles, sharing joyful conversations and Mike Keagle’s music along with the ice cream treats. Congratulations to our raffle winners! We hope you enjoyed your gift certificates to Don Jose’s, SportsTime, Vanilla Bean, and the Electric Brew.

It is a blessing to have 13 years of wonderful memories with the EAR Family – Sharon.

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