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Spring is here! Keep your hearing aids clean and ready for the new season.

Why Clean Your Hearing Aids?

We all know a good pair of hearing aids isn’t inexpensive, so taking care of what you have is crucial for increasing the life expectancy of your devices. Earwax and moisture pose a threat to the tiny technology that makes your hearing aids work. Plus, earwax buildup can affect the sound quality of your hearing aids over time. Taking care of your hearing aids through regular cleaning and maintenance will keep the sound clear and your devices operating for as long as possible.

How Often Should I Clean My Hearing Aids?

Hearing aid users should clean their equipment daily or weekly using disinfectant wipes and a soft bristle brush. Some models offer a replacement wax guard option, those typically are replaced as needed based on the amount of cerumen (ear wax) you produce; so the frequency varies by individual. Always consult your hearing aid manual or your professional audiologist before cleaning your hearing aids if you have any questions about your hearing aid care. 

While gentle daily and weekly cleanings are helpful for keeping hearing aid performance optimal, we schedule our clients for returning visits every 4-6 months. Professional cleanings remove dust, debris, and earwax that a simple brush can’t reach. Many hearing aid models today also use disposable domes. These domes lose their elasticity over time and can come off in an ear. Replacing them is part of your hearing aid maintenance, and we recommend doing so every 4-6 months. Like taking your car in for an oil change or visiting a dentist twice a year, allowing a professional to clean your hearing aids ensures that your devices will live up to their maximum potential for as long as possible. 

Hearing Aids Bought Elsewhere? No Problem. 

We service hearing aids even if we didn’t sell them. That means if a different  audiologist set you up with hearing aids, but can’t handle reprogramming or repairs, we’ll take care of you. Bring your hearing aids into our office and we’ll see how we can help. 

Deb, Sharon, and Stefanie are all part of the Elkhart Audiology team.

Your first visit to Elkhart Audiology Rehab is typically a no-charge consult. During this consultation, you can meet our team, ask questions, and we can request a copy of any previous audiograms to assist in continuing care (these allow us to monitor hearing loss changes). 

Fill out our brief contact form to schedule your no-charge consultation today.  

How Our Hearing Aid Maintenance Works 

When your hearing aid needs more than cleaning, we can offer repair services right in our office. However, sometimes we have to send them to a manufacturer when circuit related repairs are needed. In that scenario, we send you home with a loaner so you can continue enjoying life at an optimal level while your hearing aids undergo servicing. 

In addition to cleaning and basic repairs, one part of our hearing aid service appointment connects your hearing aids to our software to check for any updates that might be needed to keep your hearing aids performing to their peak. Clients with our service package also get an electronic acoustic analysis of their hearing aids on an annual basis. This test checks for distortion and picks up issues that may not be audible to the ear. 

If you know someone who is concerned about their hearing aid function, but they aren’t an Elkhart Audiology Rehab client, you can still recommend the electronic acoustic analysis test to them. There is a minimal, $25 fee for this service. 

Advantages of Making “EAR” Your Hearing Aid Provider 

Why shouldn’t an office feel like home? We often have coffee, tea, and cookies ready to welcome our clients.

1. Our Office is Open 5 Days A Week: Our office is open Monday – Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to Noon. Walk-in services are welcome Monday – Thursday from 10 a.m. – 4 pm. 

2. Convenient Parking: We have parking right in front of our office, plus curbside drop-off and pick-up services are available.  

3. We Care about Your Time: Our appointments run as scheduled and usually only last 30 minutes. That means you can come in, get your needs met, and get back to your life in less than an hour. 

4. Snacks: We want our office to feel like home, which is why we keep our place stocked with cookies, coffee, and tea for our guests. 

It’s Cancer Awareness Month: Are aware of how medication can cause Ototoxicity?

Some medication can cause hearing loss or dizziness. This side effect is known as ototoxicity. Many people know that chemotherapy drugs can cause ototoxicity, but common medications in your medicine cabinet can do the same thing.

  • BUMEX 

If you take any of the drugs listed above on a regular or semi-regular basis, please schedule a diagnostic hearing evaluation to ensure that ototoxic impacts are treated in a timely manner when hearing loss occurs.

Friendly Features Reminder  

Considering new hearing aids? Many new features make hearing aids easier to use and perform better under difficult listening environments. Ask about 24 hours on single charge, hands-free phone use, and direct streaming at the Lerner or your Church. 

Stay Engaged. Enjoy Life. Hear Better Today! 

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