Spring Into Better Hearing!

Think about any skill you want to learn or keep doing well… shooting a basketball (yes, it is that time of year) or playing an instrument, interpreting speech, it takes proper practice. Practice keeps your skills sharp. Wearing your hearing aids daily for at least 8 hours a day, allows your brain to keep practicing even if you are in a quiet environment when you are home alone. Your brain identifies and interprets environmental sounds. Simple things like the sound of birds, traffic outside, or your refrigerator running, keep you in tune with your surroundings, and even may alert you to a safety issue. Being aware of little “noises” around you also then reduces the sensitivity to distractions when you are trying to focus on a conversation in a car, office, or diner.
Sometimes however, communicating better and understanding conversation easier takes more than just wearing your hearing aids every day and reading through Dusty Jessen’s The Five Keys to Communication along with the cute dog Henry and practicing one of the suggested 52 e-tips sent to your email. Haven’t read the book? Missed the email? Call us to sign you up to our email list (no charge) Copies of the book are included with a new hearing aid fitting and cost just 16.95 individually.
Another option to work on skills would include visiting me for aural rehab classes. Sound time consuming, expensive and dare I say intimidating? There is another fun option provided by a friend and colleague, Dr. Dawn Heiman. She has created video tutorials available online called the Hearing Wellness Journey. She covers basic strategies, beginner listening therapy and difficult listening therapy exercises. There are 5 modules, and you can do them all or just select from the ones you’d like to learn more about. Options include: improve your skills in quiet,
fast talkers and even in background noise. We’d be happy to sign you up and help you along
the next step of your hearing journey. The cost is $120 for the package but discounts are
available for our EAR-resistable members. Call now for your access to the “Hearing Wellness
Journey”. We promise to do our best to keep you connected to the sounds, people, and things
you love but you need to promise to do the same- Practice Makes Perfect!

Spring Cleaning For Hearing Devices? Yes!

In reviewing our files, we have found that some of you are behind on your cleanings. We know going out has been less of a “thing” in the last 2 years, but Covid cases are down significantly and we are now mask optional. So give us a call to shedule your preventive maintenance. Remember, we deep clean devices with suction to rid your microphone and reciever ports from debris impacting sound quality and volume. Our Redux system features moisture reduction by gently heating and creating a vacuum in the special chamber to keep your devices running better, longer. New domes will improve sound quality, and help to prevent tearing or having them come off in your ear. Completing software updates can improve function. What are you waiting for? Call today, we are currently booking 3 weeks out for general hearing aid

Cognition and Hearing…Is It Reversible?

When it comes to brain health, early detection and treatment is the key. The link to dementia
is said to be 60% DNA and 40% life-style related. Studies do show that you can proactively
manage life-style related risk factors and certain medical conditions that affect cognition.
Hearing loss is the number one modifiable risk factor and yes, studies have found (Gilick &
Sharma 2020) reversal of cortical reorganization 6 months post intervention. There was also
evidence of significant improvement in global cognitive function, executive function
processing speed and visual working memory. In a separate study (Anzivini et al, 2019), 6
months after cochlear implant or hearing aid treatment, there was an improvement in global
cognition on the Mini Mental State Exam and in long term memory. Which they felt could be
explained because of reversibility of neuronal reallocation from hearing deprivation.

So, the time is really now, to test your hearing (unless you’ve been tested within the last 2
years) and update your hearing solution. Updating your solution might mean re-programming
for better audibility; new hearing aids; the addition of an assistive device; or auditory training.
The results will allow you:
• to get the details correct during your appointments
• have meaningful conversations with your loved ones
• help your brain stay healthy by engaging with others socially
• enjoy the laughter and experience less listening fatigue

Masks Required. Smiles Encouraged!

Why Continue To Choose
Elkhart Audiology?

➢ We have a team committed to your success!
➢ Better Hearing is All We Do; it is our specialty
➢ Sharon has over 35 years of experience,
education, and training to optimize your results.
➢ We follow Best Practices for hearing device
fittings, which includes EAA- or electroacoustic
analysis to determine if devices meet ANSI
➢ Real Ear in-person verification of the ability of
your hearing devices to meet your individual targets
for audibility.
➢ We provide auditory training
➢ We evaluate and treat tinnitus
➢ We take ear impressions and provide custom in
the ear hearing devices
➢ We offer and can validate hearing protection to
determine how well they work.
➢ We are locally owned and operated, keeping
investments in your community.
➢ We give back to the community in several
ways through the Humane Society, Council on Aging,
Soup for Success, and a new program called Hearing The Call to assist those with hearing loss that
would otherwise not have access to hearing aids.

Most of all, we care about you as a unique person with different profiles for hearing loss, auditory processing, health concerns, psychosocial concerns, lifestyle needs and budgets. One size does not fit all and the special of the month is not even on the horizon when we expertly work with you to find the best hearing solution and treatment plan.

Right now, there is not cure for hearing loss. Sometimes the limitation of the impaired auditory system also limits our successful outcomes. However, in most cases, properly fit hearing devices and training will help you stay connected to the people and things you love to do. As an audiology team, committed to your success, we invest in the precision tools, continuing education, licensure requirements, evaluate research on new products and new ideas. We hope you will continue to see the value in what we offer each and every visit!

Warmest Regards- Sharon, Deb and Jill

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