The Elkhart Community and 12 Years of Elkhart Audiology Rehab

Sharon has been practicing audiology and hearing instrument services for over 35 years. That journey has included working at a United Way Agency; a hearing a manufacture, where she was involved in customer training, research, and development of new products; and working in two other private practice audiology settings before opening the doors of EAR in 2010.

Every step of her professional journey has incorporated a heart for giving back to the community, which includes: free educational seminars on hearing, balance and tinnitus; free hearing aid cleanings at local senior communities; donating professional services for hearing aid fittings with the local Lions Club; helping to raise awareness and funds for the LOOP hearing assistance project, which is now complete, at The Lerner Theatre; helping local veterans access services; and consulting with area churches on how to better provide hearing accessibility to their congregations.

Sharon’s latest project has been to partner with nonprofit Hearing The Call 501(c)(3) to provide a hand up for hearing care. Last month, Elkhart Rotary Club kindly donated $500 to assist her in this effort! If you know a member, please thank them. If you know someone who could use some assistance for better hearing, please have them call the office to have an application sent.

General Guidelines require: Diagnosed with hearing loss in one or both ears; no hearing aid health insurance coverage; income not to exceed 250% of the federal poverty
level ( $33, 975 for a household of one in 2022); no more than $10,000 in cash reserves; no more than $50,000 in retirement or investments; live within 50 miles of Elkhart, IN; and the ability to complete 10 hours of community service as a way to give back to the community supporting them.

Did you know your purchases help with this program? One percent of hearing aid sales go into a fund to help purchase new hearing devices. Did you know you can donate directly to the Hearing The Call- Michiana Fund to help provide other’s with a hand-up rather than a hand out? You CAN! It costs approximately $275 for each device used for this program. Our goal is to help one person a month with the gift of better hearing. We are happy to accept designated donations to assist in the project, at our office or on-line through the secure website Thanks for being a part of the circle of giving!

New EAR Team Member Alert!

We are happy to introduce Megan, who joined our group as an audiology assistant in May. She has been receiving training and guidance from Sharon, Jill, Deb, and our hearing aid manufacturer partners. Her availability should reduce your wait times by early August as she gains independence in this role. Megan is a recent graduate from Goshen College. She is excited to meet you and help you with cleanings, repairs and assisting with wireless connections!

We continue to assist individuals by appointment only. Please call Jill or Deb to schedule a time just for you!

Insurance Questions, Client Transfers

  • Insurance coverage is an agreement between you and your insurance carrier. We do our best to be transparent when providing services and will provide you with estimates of expenses up front and invoices for completed services. We unfortunately cannot explain why they reimburse certain ways, or only to certain providers.
  • We are out of network at this time with most insurance plans, as they have transitioned to discount groups like Tru Hearing, Hearing Care Solutions or online sales which limit the selection of devices offered and the services covered which does not support our model of customized selection and Audiology Best Practices.
  • We do frequently work on hearing instruments fit by other providers in a third-party network and from other clinics for those who have moved to our area. We routinely verify the hearing aid performance, reprogram, and provide services that are more convenient. The fees are paid to us on an itemized basis for the services required. The manufacturers we typically work with include: Oticon, Phonak, Signia and ReSound.

Costco Hearing Device Provider Limitations

  • Tinnitus programs are missing on Costco fittings. It’s not that the devices can’t have it, it’s that providers are not trained or authorized to provide the assistance. Tinnitus testing and program management requires partnering with an audiologist. We are happy to assist! It does require any devices purchased through Costco are not “locked” or can be “unlocked” for an audiologist. This is best accomplished by contacting them first, regarding your need for programming assistance outside their network of stores to address your tinnitus.
  • Costco cannot take ear impressions for custom ear molds, click molds or electronic hearing protection. We are happy to provide these services to get those in need, the fit that optimizes comfort and performance. So, send any friends with Costco aids and concerns our way!

Yes, Costco is known to beat the prices of our local brick and mortar, private practice clinic. The question is, how do the products perform once you have them from Costco? Did you see Top Gun at the theater? Remember the phrase: It’s the pilot, not the plane…? That’s exactly what you get when you come to Elkhart Audiology Rehab- the people, (the pilots) with the training, equipment, and skills to reach your communication potential. Helping YOU is our WHY and we do our best to support you with a full line of products and services at a reasonable cost. We are your “Elite Squad” and just plain EAR-resistible! We thank you for being a part of our family and recognizing the value we bring to your life.

Stop in sometime during the month of August to help us celebrate the 12-year anniversary of Elkhart Audiology Rehab. We will have lemon aid, ice cream bars, popcorn, and special
cookies. You can also see how lucky you might be and draw for tickets to Wellfield Botanical Gardens, gas cards, or Martin’s Super Market. We know inflation and the heat of summer can make you grumble a bit, and we want you to smile while you enjoy the Sounds of Summer!

Blessings to each of you- Sharon, Deb, Jill and Megan

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