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Charles Mokotoff is an audiologist’s worst nightmare and an audiologist’s greatest teacher. Charles is a hard of hearing musician who is as at home with computers as he is with his six-stringed classical guitar. The points that Charles makes with respect to changes in fitting algorithm and to speed up technology so that modern hearing aids can take advantage of apps have been hotly debated by the hearing aid industry and clinical audiologists.

For this two part blog entry, I have asked Charles Mokotoff to chime in. Charles holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in guitar performance from Syracuse University and Ithaca College, respectively. He has served on the faculties of numerous colleges and universities in New York and the New England area as a lecturer in classical guitar and lute. Prior to settling in the Washington, DC area in 1991, Mr. Mokotoff made his home in New England where he was widely recognized as an active guitarist and lutenist. During that period his career culminated with two Far East tours and a well-received New York City debut at Carnegie Hall in 1987. Solo and ensemble recitals over the past few seasons have centered around the Mid-Atlantic states, but include performances in Chicago, Boston, and most recently two performances at the Lincoln Center Performing Arts Library in New York City. Charles Mokotoff is an audiologist’s worst nightmare and an audiologist’s greatest teacher.

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