We don’t need to tell you the pandemic continues to change plans and approaches to business “as usual”. We continue to take employee temperatures, practice social distancing and wear gloves and masks to minimize risk of exposure. We are doing what we can to insure we can all continue to stay healthy and stay open! We thank you for your patience and cooperation as we navigate the changing landscape.

Since cases in our county are not going down, we are extending requirements for a specific appointment time for all for your hearing needs. Current Hours of operation continue from 8am-11am and 1pm-4pm Monday through Thursday to allow for proper cleaning of rooms and equipment. No Walk-ins help us to insure proper social distancing.

We will provide in-office options for hearing evaluations, hearing aid fittings, real-ear guided programming and cerumen removal for those that pass Covid Screening tools and are willing to wear a mask.

  • We encourage the use of telehealth appointments over the phone or from your computer for consultations about hearing aids and tinnitus.
  • We are happy to continue to provide “white glove” hearing aid cleanings curbside. All hearing aids are returned disinfected and with a smile!
  • Do you want to sanitize you hearing aids at home? There are small easy to use devices that use a UV-C light to clean and sanitize. Call us to get yours!

We Are Here For You!

We are easy to reach and are happy to assist you. We want to beyour trusted source for hearing health topics. Our social media this month will focus on protecting yourself from noise induced hearing loss by wearing hearing protection.So,check us out on Facebook; Instagram and Twitter!

The general rule of thumb is if you need to raise your voice above the “noise” to be heard than you are probably at risk for hearing loss if you stay too long.

If you are not in control of the volume, the best way to help yourself is to increase the distance between you and the source of noise. A few feet further away can reduce your risk of exposure by half. Noise induced hearing loss can occur from a single blast or from years of being around loud sounds with unprotected ears.

The most common solution is to wear an “ear plug”. There are more types of hearing protection than you can count! Some are better than others of course, based on the material they are made from and how they fit your ear.

The best hearing protection is the kind that gets used! If you need guidance on why you might choose a passive or active style of hearing protection, set up a consult with Sharon.

  • We offer free disposable plugs in office or curbside-just ask for your pair!
  • non-custom passive filtered hearing protection runs as little as $30 a set.
  • As an audiologist, Sharon can order you custom fit hearing protection that is durable, have trendy colors and will last for years for under $150.
  • Special custom molded electronic musicians or hunting devices that run several hundred dollars are also an option for these enthusiasts.
  • Have kids or grand kids? A swim mold can serve double duty for hearing protection if you are taking the kids along with you to a noisy event and there are pediatric sized earmuffs.

Teach Them Young, ProtectingYour Hearing Is COOL!


What Is The Best Solution for a Noise Induced Hearing Loss?

You guessed it! Precisely Fit Digital Hearing Devices. Sharon Hirstein has the expertise to help you recover what has come up missing from noise exposure, age, or illness. She and her team use recognized, Best Practices for diagnosing hearing loss, verifying product performance and selecting state of the art digital and Bluetooth compatible hearing products to meet your communication needs and get you started on your rehabilitation with client focused follow-up.

Some other providers may be cheaper; you will not find better than what’s offered at Elkhart Audiology. You and your loved ones deserve the BEST hearing treatment to keep connected to the people and things you love. Now more than ever. Hear better even with a mask in place. Some solutions are as simple as reprogramming an existing aid or us facilitating a factory repair. Happy with your results? Encourage someone else to hear better!

A perfect 10! Has become our goal as we beg into plan for our Anniversary Celebration in August. We have come up with 10 ways to thank you for continuing to trust us with your hearing needs. . . so stay posted to learn more. We appreciate you and feel the need to spread some JOY in the coming weeks!

Our sincere wishes are that you stay healthy and focused on the good things we have around us.

Sharon, Stefanie, Debbie and Olivia

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