We are Back and Ready to Serve You!

I won’t say we will experience “business as usual” for a while longer, but we are passionate about meeting all of your hearing needs. We have made significant changes to our procedures to minimize health risks and we ask for your cooperation as we navigate the changes required. We won’t be sharing cookies, beverages, reading materials, hugs or handshakes in our reception area as we are committed to your safety. Seating is limited and spaced 6 feet apart. Please call and talk with one of us if you have concerns as we want you to be comfortable with your experience in our office.

  • Changes include limiting our hours of operation to 8am-11am and 1pm-4pm Monday through Thursday.
  • We are not taking walk-in appointments at this time, so please call ahead for a designated time which will allow for social distancing between clients.
  • Deb is working from home answering phones and completing many of our front office support activities remotely.
  • Hearing aid check-ups will still be completed curbside either by Stefanie or Sharon for the next 8 weeks.
  • Telehealth appointments using your computer or smart phone will be scheduled as needed for consultations regarding your hearing concerns, hearing aid questions or tinnitus evaluations/rehab sessions.
  • We are set up for remote hearing aid adjustments at the office and through compatible manufacture smart phone Apps
  • We are seeing clients in the office for diagnostic hearing evaluations; hearing aid demonstrations; new hearing aid fittings and real ear verification.


If you are sick or at high risk for infection due to diabetes, respiratory or heart conditions, please stay home.

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, we will postpone or wait an additional two weeks before having you come in as a “voluntary quarantine” measure.

1. Do you have a history of any recent travel outside of Indiana within the last 14 days?
Yes           No

2. Have you had a fever, symptoms of respiratory illness, such as cough or shortness of breath?
Yes           No

3. Have you had close contact with any person who has been confirmed as contracting Covid-19?
Yes           No

4. Have you had close contact with any healthcare worker who’s primary purpose recently has been working directly with people who have contracted Covid-19?
Yes           No

In Addition:

  • If possible, please wear a mask for your appointment.
  • If you are being dropped off by someone else, please let us know when you schedule the appointment so we can make appropriate accommodations in our office for you, as we are attempting to minimize any waiting room time as much as possible.


  • When you arrive, remain in the vehicle and beep the horn or call on your cellphone to notify us of your arrival. Please do not come more than a few minutes early as we have staggered times for cleaning and social distancing between patients. If you come early, you will just sit longer.
  • If you have any paperwork to be filled out, we will bring it to you to fill out in your vehicle. When paperwork (if any) is completed, and you are scheduled for a face to face visit, we use a non-contact thermometer to take your temperature. It must be below 100.4 to be admitted. We will then escort you directly to our testing room.
  • Our staff will wear gloves, masks and protective eye wear, as much as possible. We also take our temperature at the beginning of each workday.


We will sanitize all surfaces you contacted in any room you visited; use a UVC light inside the test booth and dispose of any infectious waste. We are explaining our procedures, so you are reassured this has been done prior to your arrival as well.
We are looking forward to connecting with you again as helping YOU hear the humor, love and concerns of others is why we do what we do! It is more important than ever as we keep our physical distance and yet try to stay close to those we care about.

Hearing Considerations for Spring and Summer:

Moisture; Heat and Humidity

Hearing aids are body worn electronic devices full of high-tech microelectronics which can be prone to humidity and perspiration. Newest models often have waterresistant coatings, microphone screens and special seals to reduce exposure to moisture and dust.

The IP68 rating on our new rechargeable devices translate this way: “6” in IP means resistant to solid contaminants- dust tight when tested 2-8 hours; the “8” correlates to excellent water resistance even with immersion up to 3 meters. Looking to upgrade yours? Call us! There special promotions going on for Better Hearing and Speech Month.

Chargers will help to dry out moisture that may accumulate in mic screens during the day. Units without chargers should use a dry-jar or electronic unit to reduce the build up of moisture.

We have drying products; anti-bacterial sprays, wipes and the new PerfectDry Lux Automatic Hearing Aid UV-C disinfecting and cleaning system to keep you in tip top shape! We can deliver them curbside or to your door; let us know your preference!

Sunglasses? Check! Hearing Protection? Check!

Protecting your ears is every bit as important as protecting your eyes and your skin during your summer activities. We have free disposable ear plugs and a full line of custom earpieces that will keep you safe and comfortable. Call us before you need them because there is a 2-3-week lead time for most custom orders.

One Last Thought About Protecting Your Hearing Aids:

We have also found a Bandana worn over the nose, mouth and ears has less of a tendency to flip hearing aids off when the “mask” is adjusted. Using taupe tape on the aid, against your head is helpful.

Blessing to you and we look forward to seeing you soon! Sharon, Stefanie and Debbie

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