We are Here to Help You Rise!

First, we hope this message finds you healthy and enjoying a day with a slower pace while we are still under the “Stay Home and Stay Safe” orders. Life at our office certainly has been different. Like you, we are learning to do without some things, trying new ways to do things, and completing the never-ending handwashing. Something that has not changed is that we remain committed to your care. Sharon is monitoring the phones to answer your questions and set up times for curb-side service when a hearing aid needs immediate attention. Deb and Stefanie are also making calls to reschedule appointments and check for any needed supplies which can be mailed to you. We can send cleaning videos and even make remote programming adjustments to your hearing devices; so please let us know how we may best serve you during this time without face to face appointments.

The stress to hear well when you need to understand instructions and follow directions is always necessary but is heightened during emergencies.  You can increase your success rate:

  1. If you can reduce the background noise around you; one person/program to concentrate on at a time.
  2. Reducing your distance from the TV to 6 feet will also increase your ability to hear better without increasing the volume from the TV. Increasing TV volume can increase distortion from the TV and annoy those around you.
  3. Many of you with Blue Tooth compatible hearing aids can use your streaming function or IPhone Live feature to help with hearing the TV or video messages from your smart phone. Contact us if you need a refresher.
  4. If you have extra time now, you can do some listening exercises. There are some free on-line sources like Starkey Hear Coach. I personally think the cLear system is interactive and beneficial. https://www.clearworks4ears.com/ is the best customized on-line option for Aural Rehabilitation; it is $25 a month. Try it for three months and you could be amazed by your improvement in speech understanding!

Prepared for a Hospital Visit or Medical Procedure?

We have created a kit that should help you minimize the risk of losing your hearing aids during a visit to the hospital whether it is over night or for a specific test.  Hearing aids should not be worn to sleep in or during an x-ray or MRI.  Our kit has some hand-outs that you can provide to medical staff so they are aware you will have difficulty hearing them if you do not have your hearing aids in place.  If you need a kit, contact our office and we will arrange a time for pick up or delivery.  We would also be happy to email you the file so you can print the handouts at home. It can also be found on our Website under the resources Tab. https://elkhartaudiology.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Hospital-Kit-Hearing-Loss-Complete-Pkg2020.pdf


Coping Techniques to Reduce Tinnitus and Anxiety

With unpredictability comes stress and anxiety which can trigger an increase in tinnitus.  Realize that focusing on breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and using some other soft sound generators (a fan, nature sounds) are effective ways to cope.  Sometimes if we are anticipating a difficult work situation, dealing with a certain family member or the fear of attending a certain function tinnitus will increase. Consider talking about your concerns with someone you trust to reduce the anxiety. Journaling is also an effective way to review and analyze food triggers (sodium and alcohol are two common ones) or specific situations which over time can jump out as one that makes you vulnerable.  We want to find a way to break the cycle.

Tinnitus is not the same for everyone in sound, loudness or severity. Different tools work for different people and sometimes a combination of tools is needed. Consistency using your favorite strategies is key to reducing the perception. Some of the effective strategies include:

  1. Breath in for the count of 4; hold for the count of 4; breath out for the count of 4; hold no air for the count of 4 and repeat.
  2. The Calm App; Headspace and the ReSound Relief App are suggestions
  3. Get at least 30 minutes of walking done; preferably outside
  4. Listen to music that you enjoy at a low level.
  5. Wearing your hearing aids if they have been prescribed for you.

The American Tinnitus Association offers more resources on their website to help you navigate.


Google Reviews…

Word of Mouth recommendations from YOU have always been vital to our success but social media is also a place where your recommendation can help us get noticed.  If you have a moment, please go to Google Maps and search us. Once you do, there should be a spot that comes up with current reviews on the right-hand side, and also a place to leave a review.  We would be honored if you could leave a few words about our people, products or processes that have meant the most to you.


Next Month is May…
 Recognized Nationally as Better Hearing and Speech Month.

Most Hearing Instrument Manufactures provide special pricing in May. We pass those specials on to you! What does that mean? Charges for process like Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations, Fitting and Dispensing Fees and Real Ear all remain the same as they are services recognized by insurance and Medicare as professional services for which I am under contract. However, the individual hearing aid prices are often reduced $100- $500 each based on the technology level selected. If you are considering new hearing aids, start planning now and we will keep you up to date on any promotions offered.  It might just be time to reduce your listening fatigue or any reliability concerns with some new high quality units that will help you enjoy the sounds of summer!

Stay Healthy and we hope to see you soon- Sharon, Stefanie and Deb

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