‘Tis the season to be thankful! Our E.A.R. family is thankful for YOU, our loyal listeners!

We would like to take a few moments to express how grateful we are for your support and for all that is going on at Elkhart Audiology Rehab:

We are thankful for your referrals.

You have been sharing about us and it shows! You have kept us growing in each of the last nine years. We value your trust and will continue to honor it by ensuring we always offer quality products and processes while providing ethical, relationship-based hearing care!

Verification Appointment Referrals

Do you know someone that already has hearing aids but still struggles to hear well? We offer verification appointments and we’d be grateful to you for spreading the word about our unique service!

During this appointment, we administer a hearing test or use one from another audiologist that is less than six months old. Your unaided pure tone thresholds are used to create aided targets. The hearing test is followed by using real ear equipment while you have your hearing aids in position and set to your default program. Real ear measures show how closely you are meeting recommended hearing aid targets for audibility. The results assist us in deciding what the next step should be for improving hearing.

The verification appointment procedures cost $160. If you are wearing a model reprogrammable within our office (specifically Signia, ReSound, and Phonak), we charge an additional $50 to complete the programming. If we are unable to adjust your model, we send all the test results along to your provider where the adjustments can be made.

Why refer your loved ones to us for real ear verification? We are among the less than 30% of offices in our area that offer such testing. The procedure is a part of BEST practices. We believe the investment in equipment, training, and procedures is worth it when people leave hearing better. We want you and your loved ones to have the best hearing possible!

We are thankful for your stories.

Your stories not only bring smiles to our faces, but also remind us of just how worthwhile our work is. We love hearing them! We’ve been blessed to learn about how one client is able to compete well playing card games again. Another shared about not missing important phone calls or any of the details during the calls!

A favorite story involves a client who recently upgraded to new rechargeable, Bluetooth Streaming hearing aids with phone answering capabilities. He is now able to hear conversations when he’s in a noisy restaurant, take a phone call and hear clearly in both ears, and stream sports through his hearing aid Blue-tooth connection while at dinner, much to his wife’s chagrin! We’re thankful we could at least help with the hearing part of the communication equation!


We are thankful for our community.

Being a part of the Michiana community is something we take pride in. Check out some of the events and organizations from around our area that we are grateful to be a part of:

Hearing Health Education Events with the Hearing Loss Association of Michiana. This group works tirelessly to advocate for those with hearing loss. They encouraged the legislation and the signing of HB 113, allowing for better access and education for LOOP hearing systems in public areas. Curious about the difference LOOP can make? We can demonstrate it in our office. We can also help you advocate for one at your place of worship, library meeting room, pharmacy window, etc. Stop by our office for some helpful handouts.

Community charities we are grateful to work with include:

Giving back is an important part of our E.A.R. culture, and we enjoy seeing you out in our community. Working and giving together is key to a strong community.

Coming Up:

Annual food drive. This is an opportunity to donate non-perishable items at our office between November 18th and December 8th. The donated items are used to fill holiday baskets.

We are thankful for additional resources.

The internet is full of both good and bad information but HearingTracker.com and Dr. Cliff, AuD on YouTube have been quite reliable. While Dr. Cliff isn’t a part of the Elkhart community, he is an audiologist who shares in our passion to provide better hearing for our clients.

Our office works with 3 of the “Big 5” hearing aid manufacturers, and we routinely review their white papers and test their devices in local eateries so we can recommend the devices that achieve the best results. Between Dr. Cliff’s expertise and our own, we are sure you will be confident that you are getting the right person, the best procedures, and the right hearing aid product just for you!

Financing: Did you know that Allegro Credit allows you to lease the hearing aid for four years and get your payments down to under $100 a month with some models?

Hearing: Sometimes even the best hearing aids, fit using the best practices, will still provide limited results. But wait, there’s another option! We can refer out for a cochlear implant consultation. Cochlear implants do require surgery, reprogramming and rehabilitative sound awareness, but the results can be very rewarding!

We are thankful for you!

Where would we be without you, our loyal listeners and faithful clients? We do what we do for you and are blessed that you trust us with your care and the care of those important to you.

Next time you need us, here is a rundown of our recently modified hours and how to contact us:



Monday-Thursday: 8:00-5:30

Friday: 8:00-Noon



663 CR 17, Ste. 1

Elkhart, IN 46516
Phone: 574-262-3277

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