We Want You to Love Your Hearing!

As your hearing health care team, we are very aware of the negative impact of hearing loss and social isolation. The continuing pandemic is not helping to combat loneliness. What can you do? We will encourage you to be creative… try to call someone different every day to chat. Chances are they might be a bit bored as well and appreciate you reaching out. If you can Zoom or Facetime, even better to see the smiles, the latest craft project, or share from a book you are reading.

Need help hearing conversations over the computer or phone better? We have several options to make these calls clearer and easier to follow. We have phones that amplify speech sounds; phones which allow captions to be read; and better yet, solutions that connect phones directly to your hearing aids allowing you to process speech through both ears (and we always understand speech better when we use both ears) while reducing background noises at the same time. Some of these solutions are at no cost while others run about $300.

Do you know someone that could use a new phone; TV streamer; hearing aid dryer; or loud alarm clock? They make great gifts and won’t add any calories! Call our office or check out our website https://elkhartaudiology.com/hearing-supplies/ to order your thoughtful gift today.

White Glove Service!

Like so many things in our lives today-phones, cars, health care options keep getting better. It might take a little adjusting to get used to the changes, but we are usually better off once we learn and practice. The EAR team is here to help you every step, until you are confident with your hearing aid features so you get full benefit.

Whether you visit us curbside, inside, or have a question on the phone, our professional, caring, and comprehensive approach is one of the things that makes us different (better) than other hearing aid suppliers.

As healthcare costs continue to rise, we know it can be tempting to compromise your hearing care by focusing on low-cost options rather than value-based care. We are committed to providing you value for your dollar and follow Best Practices in audiology to provide you with the best outcomes.

Unfortunately, most of our services are not covered by health insurance. We will verify any insurance coverage under your plan as a courtesy. We understand the importance of staying in network when possible to save money. However, we also know, we are the best at what we do and will encourage you to stay with us!

If your insurance benefit (or lack of one) comes up short, we have financing options for new devices that include 12 months same as cash (WAC) and 4-year leases.

We are also part of the Tru Hearing Discount Network.

Let me put it this way—your health plan, like your hospital gown, does not cover everything.

We have recently updated service bundles for clients with manufacturer warranty and service plans expiring. Keeping up with comprehensive care minimizes surprise break downs and enhances your results, keeping you connected to the people and things you love! All for just a dollar a day-

Hearing Instrument Extended Service and Care Plan Options

Worry-Free Maintenance and Care Program fee of $365 includes features below; itemized prices are provided in parenthesis for fee for service, value-based comparison.

  • Deep cleaning (suction) and drying/sanitizing of the device ($35 each visit)
  • Software upgrades ($15 each)
  • Hearing Aid Adjustments ($35-50 each)
  • The addition of a new program ($35-$50each)
  • Replacement parts, wax guards, domes. (vary from each manufacturer; $10 minimum)
  • Batteries (prices vary based on individual card, box or rechargeable)
  • Hearing Aid Orientation Sessions ($25 per 15 minutes)
  • Wireless Connectivity Sessions ($35 minimum 30 minutes)
  • Loaner Hearing Aid during a repair ($100 per use)
  • Annual Electroacoustic Evaluation of the device ($35)
  • Annual Appointment with the hearing care professional for the purpose of monitoring hearing loss and adjusting the hearing aid* ($255)
  • Annual conformity test ($95)
  • Otoscopy; minor cerumen management ($50-80 per session)
  • Functional Communication Assessments; rehab counseling ($100)
  • One year repair coverage ($350 per unit and higher if purchased thru ESCO)

Worry-Free Extended Care with Loss and Damage – add an additional $100 per aid;

  • Monaural (single ear) Fittings = $465; Binaural Fittings (two) aids =$565; a deductible still applies if a claim is made; only one claim per ear per year is covered.

Hearing Aids over 5 years old are not eligible for repair coverage or loss and damage replacement; other services do apply. Annual Service and Care is $275

*Hearing tests are not covered under Medicare for the purpose of selecting or adjusting hearing aids. A diagnostic hearing evaluation is covered as needed when a referral is provided by your physician and there is a health-related reason for the referral. Examples of health-related issues include: diabetes; chronic kidney condition; heart disease; tinnitus; dizziness; changes in hearing; memory concerns.

Looking for an In the Ear Hearing Device That is Rechargeable, Bluetooth compatible and a whole lot more?

 The Starkey Livio Edge is the World’s first 2.4GHz rechargeable in the ear! It is considered “premium plus” in the hearing aid market. They can translate languages; instantly use artificial intelligence to analyze an environment and make smart, immediate adjustments; detect when a wearer falls and send an alert message to selected contacts.

This option is NOT for everyone, but it is a great option for some! Let us guide you through the maze of options with expertise. Manufacturers are releasing new products all the time and we have the knowledge to sift thru the marketing terms and will do the research to know where the value lies for you.

Know someone who bought their hearing aids elsewhere and are less than pleased?

We Love Referrals! We can service, reprogram, and verify with real ear for Siemens; Signia; Phonak; ReSound and Starkey products. Tell them to come visit and we will welcome them to the EAR family with a fresh cookie and answers to their questions!

They will discover we are passionate about better hearing, less listening fatigue. We provide client focused, collaborative care so you enjoy more conversations, get the punchlines, and hear the giggles.

Thank you for being a blessing to us. Love Your Hearing and share some Sweet Nothings this month!

– Sharon, Stefanie, Deb and Danielle

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