What Does Independence Mean To You?

Our Country celebrated its 245th Anniversary in July. Our forefathers fought so we would have the right to act, speak and think without being constrained by government. Freedom has brought opportunities, but it has also meant taking responsibility for our choices. Yes, this country has had more than one disagreement over the last 245 years and certainly continues to struggle with the best way to move forward with public policies, but I would not want to live anywhere else!

Owning Elkhart Audiology Rehab for the last 11 years has been both a joy and a challenge but again… I would not have it any different. An independent, private audiology practice has allowed me to make MANY choices that are in the best interest of a client, employee, or my family rather than following a policy set up by someone that is not invested in the outcome

We continue to see patients on an appointment only basis to manage patient flow. Appointments are booked out several weeks as we are seeing an in-flux of people that have not been in for over a year for service and new people who have identified hearing struggles that need to be addressed. We do our best to handle “hearing emergencies” within 48 hours but we ask for your understanding if we cannot offer you a same day appointment to resolve a problem. Masks are not currently required accept in our test booth due to air exchange concerns. This may change if Covid numbers increase so please be prepared.

An independent practice allows us to focus on patient best practices, asking detailed questions about your communication struggles; we can spend the time needed to answer questions so there is clarity on choices for treatment; and we can practice skills until it seems easy. Helping others live their best life through better hearing is so rewarding as it provides independence for others!

Do you know someone that might be interested in becoming a part of our passionate team? We are looking for the right person to add to our front office staff. Resume and contact information can be sent to [email protected]

What Does Independence Mean To You?

  • Studies show those with better hearing earn more money!
  • Better hearing literally keeps you safe; stay aware of what is going on in the environment around you whether it is traffic, someone trying to gain entry to your home, or hearing an alarm.
  • There is a link between hearing loss and memory issues; those that struggle with memory often lack the ability to continue to live on their own. Treating hearing loss is one of 9 modifiable risk factors to reduce dementia.
  • Those with better hearing have better balance and reduce the risk of falls…we all know a fall can certainly put a cramp in your independence.

We Thank you for being a part of our passion for better hearing! People seem to appreciate it when you share our comprehensive approach and how you value our expertise; our business model is sustainable. As we’ve mentioned before, your purchases also helps us to help others in our community to hear better; whether we participate through a Lion’s Club or Hearing The Call fitting assistance program. Your generous donations during our office “fund raisers” we support local agencies like the Council on Aging, Soup of Success, the Salvation Army and Elkhart Humane Society. We are blessed to be celebrating 11 years as a local, female owned and operated private audiology practice. We look forward to celebrating many more…Thank you for your trust and encouragement!

Our Annual Anniversary Celebration is in full swing…. Please feel free to stop by for a refreshing treat! If you prefer, we still have fresh cookies to go. Watch our Facebook Page or Instagram for your chance to win a clear stadium bag, an electronic hearing aid dryer or a copy of the book 5Keys to Communication Success by Dusty Ann Jessen.

We know over the counter hearing aids continue to draw interest and questions from a cost saving perspective.

There are concerns about health, safety, and reliability of these products.

The bottom line is we are waiting for final legislation. Once guidelines are clear, we will be ready to incorporate vetted over the counter devices into our product offering.

Since our services are itemized we can provide little or no support for the “do it yourselfer” and supply the product for easy pick up similar to a purchase at a retail store.

If you need some assistance choosing the correct earbuds, help with an app or verification with real ear you will be charged for the service(s) you receive.

We are your local trusted hearing experts and reserve the right NOT to carry certain products or service them if we do not have current, accurate hearing data or if the manufacture won’t stand behind a product with a warranty or part availability. Our reputation is at stake, and we want to be affiliated with partners exhibiting integrity.

We’ll keep you updated as details become available.

Cheers, Hugs or a Fist Bump as we enjoy the last of the summer celebrations- Sharon, Stefanie and Deb

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