What is Your Passion?

We all have something which motivates or excites us to do the things we do. If we are passionate about our faith, we are more likely to wear hearing aids to hear better at our place of worship or the cares and concerns voices during a small group. If we want to engage with our grandkids, we are more likely to invest in better hearing aids to hear those voices when we are driving them in the car or listening to them read to us on Zoom in this time of virtual visits. If we need to hear some words of wisdom on the golf course, stretching out during yoga, or instructions from our boss, better hearing allows us to stay vital in these situations. Without having a “why” it is easy to just get by… Our “why” keeps us connected to better hearing which also allows for better physical health, better cognitive health, and a better sense of social well-being.
Once you identify your reason for better hearing, it is our passion to serve you with distinction and help you reach your hearing goals. We love to learn what is important to you and guide you in the process of achieving better hearing. So, you are able to hear what is important to you.

Distance was never made to keep us distant.
Now, more than ever, we are dedicated to keeping you connected to the wonderful world of sound!

This spring we had the opportunity to fit a gentleman who suffered with a moderate sensorineural hearing loss. It was a loss that interfered with his ability to enjoy conversations with his family. He was on a budget. We worked within his budget to maximize his residual hearing. His first appointment back, he gave a very heart-felt thank you for the new lease on life he now had, with his kids in particular. He truly did not know what he had been missing!
During our follow up, he mentioned an up-coming visit to a nursing center to see his mom. He had not seen her for a while due to quarantine restrictions with the Corona Virus. He knew she had a severe untreated hearing loss and wondered how he was going to be able to talk with her 6 feet apart rather than a foot apart so she could see his face and hear him when he raised his voice. I suggested they borrow a very simple headset. It was sanitized and provided to the staff who assisted his mom getting it over her ears and turned up to a comfortable volume. He, his wife, and his mom had a nice visit sharing memories and getting caught up that afternoon.
Unfortunately, his mom died a few weeks later. He was tearful in his expression of just how much that last visit with his mom meant and was thankful he did not miss it. He gave us the credit, as we provided him with new hearing aids as well as the headset used with his mom. It really was a small gesture on our part to provide the headset, but it was a thoughtful one that made a world of difference in that last visit. Simple solutions or ones that require more advanced options, do not wait. Our passion is to help you love your hearing and stay connected to those you love. We work with you, so you can thrive!

Our Platinum Service and Brilliant Touch-less Care Continues!

Elkhart Audiology Rehab Client Infection Control Procedures Continue to Evolve:

However, if you are sick at all, please stay home. We are only seeing patients with a scheduled appointment time so please call ahead. We are using your car as our waiting room to allow for proper social distancing. Please stay in your car and either call us or beep your horn to let us know you have arrived. Only visits requiring face to face interaction are currently scheduled inside the office. Other services will be performed for you by picking up the devices from you curbside and returned to you while you remain in your vehicle. All hearing aids are sanitized as part of your service appointment.

In Office appointments

Please do not arrive too early for the appointment as you will need to wait in your vehicle until we signal you it is time for you to enter. Appointments are spaced out to allow for time to disinfect areas between visits and so patients maintain a 6-foot distance from one another.

To minimize exposure risks, we will screen you upon your arrival with a forehead/wrist thermometer and ask you to complete a COVID screening questionnaire. We will reschedule if you have not been free of any confirmed COVID exposures/ hospitalizations for 14 days. Upon entering you will be asked to sanitize your hands and then you will be escorted directly to the treatment area.

Staff will wear protective masks, gloves, and eyewear. You will be asked to wear a mask. Upon exiting, any payments will be processed while remaining behind a sneeze/splash guard.

Between Appointments/Activities by our staff include:

  • Hand Hygiene
  • Touch surfaces disinfected
  • Critical instruments collected and disposed/sterilized
  • Infectious waste collected

We appreciate everyone’s diligence and cooperation to reduce the risk of becoming sick. If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact Sharon Hirstein by phone or email.

ICYM: Here is important information about the myPhonak app compatibility with upcoming releases of Android 11 and iOS 14:

  1. myPhonak 4.0 is currently incompatible with these upcoming updates
  2. Planned release by Google and Apple this September (exact dates unknown)
  3. Recommendation: Advice patients to delay updating to Android 11 or iOS 14 until the myPhonak 4.0.1 patch is released.

Here is more information on Personalized Digital Solutions:


Phonak App Update

The Drawing for 3 special Anniversary Gifts was held August 26th. Prize winners were: T Flicker, $200 in Services or Accessories from EAR; the $100 gift card from Linton’s Home and Garden Center, was won by N Ramhap and a $50 gift card from Tip and Toe Nail Salon went to N. Moore. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

Thank you for celebrating 10 years with us. We really enjoyed sharing some treats with you in a safe, fun, manner. We sincerely appreciate it when you share your communication success stories with us. A referral to your friends and family is flattering and we go all out to make them thrive too!

Stay well, Sharon, Stefanie and Deb

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