Who Needs Audiology Awareness?

The field of Audiology shares this “health month” with Breast Cancer Awareness, Chiropractic Health, and Dental Hygiene. The general public needs awareness before we can decide how to take action and limit the impact on our lives.

WHAT: Hearing loss is the THIRD most common physical condition, behind arthritis and hearing disease, affecting people of ALL ages.

WHY: Hearing loss is linked to higher rates of depression, social isolation, and balance difficulties. Those with untreated hearing loss have a higher rate of dementia and cognitive decline.

WHERE: Elkhart Audiology Rehab of course! All hearing health providers are not the same. We follow Best Practices as specified by the American Academy of Audiology. It is also our passion to reduce barriers to successful communication; protect hearing and minimize the impact of tinnitus so you can live your best life!

When: The time is Now.
Those who treat their hearing loss will have better connections with family and co-workers. They report less listening fatigue and are better able to maintain their income. Studies also show hearing aid use has helped reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s related problems.

Do Your Part! Find one person this month and let them know there are caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated professionals ready to help reduce the frustration and consequences of untreated hearing loss. If they have a trusted attorney, accountant, cardiologist, endocrinologist, or urologist then they will appreciate the difference seeing a board-certified audiologist like Sharon Hirstein.

During this Season of Giving, please considering helping those less fortunate in our community. We have teamed up with the Lion’s Club to take both eye glass and hearing aid donations which can be dropped off during our regular business hours.

We are also supporting the Council on Aging Fund Raiser. Monetary donations have been down to most charities due to the pandemic but the need for transportation and in-home care for our seniors has been on the rise. Tune in to Sunny 101.5, Z94.3 and WSBT 96.1 October 26-30 to make your donation. There is also a link on FaceBook – elkhartcoa or on line at www.elkhartcoa.org/radio-fundraiser- 2020

Covid-19 Protocols Continue…

Keeping in mind the health of our clients and employees we will continue to see clients by appointment and will require our clients to wear masks. The reason this is required is due to the limitation we have in our office to keep everyone 6 feet apart entering, exiting, and receiving personal care. We are essentially using your car as our waiting room. We request if you are not feeling well, stay home. We will screen your temperature and symptoms prior to your entry. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. We really are making every effort to maintain our services and not be required to close due to Covid-19. We will try to keep you smiling with our personalized service, engaging questions and even some humor!

Repair or Replace?

Several factors contribute to the decision when you should consider repairing your current hearing aids vs replacing them with an upgraded version. I have listed the top 7 reasons to replace your hearing aids to help guide you: Does your current set of hearing aids have a repair history?

  1. Are your current devices over 5 years old?
  2. Would you enjoy not getting caught with a low battery and having to change it at an in-opportune time?
  3. Would you like to hear conversations better over the phone?
  4. Want to enjoy watching a television program with other family members again?
  5. Do you need your hearing aids to fit more comfortably?
  6. Would you enjoy having to spend less effort to understand conversation when there is competing speech?

The criteria is not the same for each person. Please give us a call and we can provide specific recommendations for your communication and lifestyle needs!

We Hope you have an EAR-rily good Halloween and thank you for entrusting us with your hearing care!

Sharon, Stefanie and Deb

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