Audiology Best Practices

As the picture implies there are hidden aspects to hearing loss. The obvious part of missing out on meaningful conversations is just the tip of the iceberg. When you come to our office, we are diligent to explore the big picture with you because as an audiology-based practice, we want you to hear better, think clearly and feel fantastic. Your experience at EAR should be EAR-resistable!

How Do We Make It Happen?

By training, practicing, and being passionate about YOU achieving the best patient outcomes. Licensure just establishes a minimum level of competency to help ensure consumer safety. Audiologists who hold the American Board of Audiology Certified credential have a Master or Doctoral degree and demonstrate their commitment to specific continuing education standards, professional and ethical practices annually. Cognihear certification is awarded only after course work specific to the ear to brain auditory system has been completed. Sharon has both certifications to provide you with the best in audiology care.

Best practices are not a requirement to complete a hearing aid fitting in the State of Indiana. We follow them because we are passionate about your communication success.
How does our process look different?

  • We use well-validated assessments to determine your treatment options
  • We test clinically to see how you understand speech in noise, not just in a quiet sound room.
  • We establish specific situational communication goals and address ways to reduce listening effort and increase confidence.
  • We verify all new product, repairs and your own hearing aids annually to insure they perform to manufacture specifications and your individual prescription targets.


We do this because we understand that “you don’t know, what you don’t know”. It is up to us to solve your communication needs and verify it the products are performing properly. These are ever changing variables. We encourage checkups every 4-6 months to deep clean, complete software updates, review your functional communication assessments and the electroacoustic test equipment results to catch things that may change a little at a time rather than all at once.

This preventative and relational approach is meant to give you success over the long term rather than a “let us know when you need something else” sales focused transaction. Relationships take an investment in time and money. We always strive to provide value for your dollar yet give you the experience you won’t get anywhere else, just like a trip to Disney!

We could not provide you with this high level of care without the entire EAR team! Stefanie has hearing instrument specialist coursework and over a year of focused coaching to become my highly trained audiology assistant who is a wiz on the hearing instrument test box. Deb brings years of customer service experience to insure you get the proper attention, clarify your needs by asking key questions and helps us send you thoughtful cards. Sara is currently learning our procedures at the front desk and is looking forward to being the friendly face and reassuring voice when you call our office. In the short term, you may even get someone from the Lex Reception group that will take messages when we cannot take your call personally, but we promise to respond to you within 24 hours. While Sara is still training, we are open Monday- Thursday from 8 am to 530pm.

We sincerely appreciate your continued patience as we attempt to provide you with a safe experience when you visit our office. Masks are required inside healthcare offices per CDC guidelines regardless of your vaccination status. We continue to sanitize all touch surfaces between appointments. If you prefer a curbside appointment just let us know, we are happy to continue to offer this option.

As we continue to celebrate our 11th year, we are adding a new method of cerumen removal. The Earigator uses a regulated pressure and water temperature to remove more deeply seated wax from the ear canal. This procedure is not covered by insurance when performed by an audiologist. Crazy right???

I have contacted my local representatives to support the direct access bill for audiologists. Bill S.1737/H.R 1587 will allow patients to receive hearing and balance care without a M.D. referral and allow audiologists to perform our full scope of practice. If you would like to help, contact your representative, and ask them to remove the barrier for you to receive direct care from your audiologist!

Legislation for the availability of low-cost over-the-counter hearing aids is still in process. An industry leader recently said not to expect anything new till February.

Emergency Situations Often Require Assistive Listening Devices. Are you Prepared? Assistive devices can alert you to a smoke alarm, severe weather, phone call or doorbell when you are not wearing your hearing aids. We are here to help guide you to choose the options that will work best for you whether it flashes or vibrates. Battery back up options are also vital necessity. Call today if you’d like help! 

October is Audiology Awareness Month. Please stop by the office and pick up a few goodies to share with your friends and family to promote the connection between better hearing and better brain health. Whether your favorite sound is crunchy leaves, a spooky howl from your favorite trick-or-treat goblin or the sound of your favorite fur baby we hope you have a great start to fall!

Blessings to each of you – Sharon, Stefanie, Deb and Sara

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