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It’s not about the product. It’s about the performance.  

Many people view buying a hearing aid as a simple transaction — a good sum of money in exchange for a product in a box. The problem is when people begin shopping for a hearing aid with a transactional, “product” mindset, they miss out on a massive part of the reality at hand: not all hearing aids are equal, and high-end hearing aids offer life-changing services that lower-end hearing aids do not. Without a quality hearing device, you may continue to live with hearing that’s out of focus, which makes enjoying little moments and special activities a difficult task.

A woman holding her hands over her ears while looking at a young childWhat Your Hearing Aid Should  Do For You 

Like a car, a home, or a college education, buying a hearing aid is a big deal that will ultimately change your life. All hearing aids will claim to help you hear better, but more volume doesn’t always equal better hearing. Your hearing aid should do more than hold a microphone up to the world, it should give you control over noise, volume, and social interactions. Here are a few basic things you should expect from your hearing aid. 

  • The ability to reduce background noise 
  • The power to increase and decrease the volume automatically 
  • The independence to enjoy a full day of quality hearing without battery failing
  • The regained enjoyment of conversations and experiences at social events

Comparing Budget Hearing Aids with Top-of-the-Line Brands —The Essentials 

The Physical Fit 

If your hearing aid doesn’t fit properly, you won’t wear it. It’s that simple. Still, many people shop online or at bargain stores for hearing aids. What begins as a quest to save money ultimately ends in expenditures without great results. Unfortunately, those who wear theses ill-fitting hearing devices often report that scheduling appointments to adjust the fit or settings can be difficult or inconvenient. Many times, they’re unable to find local places that perform the service.

Speech Intelligibility 

Not all sounds should be treated equally. While budget hearing aids often lack the ability to distinguish between human speech and background noise, high-end hearing aids can tell the difference and prioritize sounds accordingly. 


When you buy hearing aids online or from a big-box store, you run the risk of receiving no follow-up or maintenance. In addition, hearing aids that aren’t professionally cleaned also have a 10% higher break down over the average unit. 

If a hearing aid provider is claiming to provide professional cleaning, make sure to ask if they replace filters and domes regularly and perform electro-acoustic analysis on your hearing aids at least annually. These are optimal practices for hearing aid maintenance, and it’s a standard part of our extensive follow-up care services. It’s our way of showing that we care about long-term hearing and relationships, not “quick-fix” solutions that leave you back where you started in only a few months. 

Get Off to a Good Start 

Choose an audiologist that verifies your hearing aid performance using real ear measures. We cannot overemphasize the importance of using real ear measures (REM) to dial in your hearing aids so they meet your specific needs. Without REM, you’re not getting the most out of your hearing aid experience. This will ultimately leave you unsatisfied with your devices and your quality of life. Call us today at 574-262-3277 or send us an email to schedule your hearing evaluation. You won’t regret the results. 

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