The FDA finalizes ruling for Over the Counter Hearing Aids… What Now?


The staff at Elkhart Audiology Rehab is excited there will be better options to improve access and affordability to hearing aids. Product role out should begin in October. The ideal candidate has a mild hearing loss. Now is the time to schedule your appointment to determine if you have a wax blockage, rule out any underlying medical conditions, and get a diagnostic hearing test to see if you qualify.

Once we have vetted the Over the Counter (OTC) products, we will be sure to let you know which ones offer the best features. Over the Counter devices will help some achieve success on their own but we will be ready to help those needing additional support.

We can offer in-person hearing aid orientation sessions, wireless connectivity assistance, custom hear pieces for better stability and general trouble shooting appointments. We are here to increase success on the journey to better hearing! Call us at 574.262.3277.

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