What are You Doing to Stay Connected?

Share a hearing aid resource with someone you love this Better Hearing and Speech Month.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) established May as Better Hearing and Speech Month in 1927. Their goal was to help raise awareness about both the ailments that can cause communication barriers and the treatments that can resolve them. 

More than 90 years later, Better Hearing and Speech Month is still recognized by health professionals as a designated time to share resources about problems and treatment options. 

Above all, Better Hearing and Speech Month is about taking action. During this month, we encourage you to seek ways to improve communication and quality of life for yourself or a loved one who struggles with hearing or speech.

Hearing Aid Resources from Elkhart Audiology Rehab

As a board certified audiologist, Sharon Hirstein is able to  provide reliable hearing health information that can guide you or someone you know through the process of identifying hearing loss, assessing your hearing, seeking professional treatment, paying for hearing aids and maintaining them over time. 

Learning More about Hearing Loss 

Whether you’re experiencing some of the common symptoms of hearing loss yourself or see them demonstrated by a loved one, learning more about hearing loss is an important first step in finding a solution. Our guide to better hearing walks you through common problems associated with hearing loss, as well as several options for treatment. You can download and share our Guide to Better Hearing for free today.

Assessing Your Hearing

Analyzing your hearing health starts with asking the right questions. If you suspect that you or someone you know is suffering from hearing loss take our online hearing assessment. We’ll guide you through a simple list of questions that will help you understand the severity of your symptoms and decide whether its time to see a professional audiologist about your hearing health. You can take our online hearing assessment for free on our website. 

Seeking Professional Treatment

When someone realizes they do need a professional to evaluate their hearing loss, they can be overwhelmed or uneasy about what to expect. Our Guide to Hearing Evaluations lets you know how our hearing evaluation appointments work so you or your loved one can relax in our office. 

Hearing Aid Payment Option

High-quality hearing aids that differentiate speech and improve communication even in noisy areas are not inexpensive. Furthermore, many insurance plans do not cover hearing aid costs. However, we understand that poor hearing is not an option for a high-quality life. Our 

Hearing Aid Subscription option allow people who need to budget for hearing aids to do so while enjoying low, monthly payments and a helpful maintenance and servicing package. 

Hearing Aid Maintenance and Care 

Once you have hearing aids, it’s important to protect them. Proper hearing aid maintenance and care are essential for giving your hearing devices a long life. We’ll walk you through how often to clean your hearing aids and when you should bring them in for professional care. 

Share a Resource

Any resource on our website is free to share. Whether you email someone a link to our blog or encourage them to take our hearing assessment, we appreciate you playing your part in helping people with hearing loss stay connected! 

Welcome Tori to the E.A.R. Family

Tori Epperson wearing her Elkhart Audiology Rehab customer care name tag
Tori Epperson can’t wait to help serve E.A.R. clients.

This month we welcomed Tori Epperson to the EAR family as a client services representative. Tori graduated from IUSB with a BA in Sociology. She’s a Harry Potter enthusiast, having watched all eight movies more than a dozen times.

On her ideal weekend, you’ll find her in her home enjoying a cup of coffee and a good book or tackling house work with her husband. A South Bend native, Tori now lives in Sturgis Michigan where she enjoys cheering on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Chicago Bears, and Chicago White Sox. 

Be sure to say hello next time you stop by! 

When Hearing Loss Symptoms Signal Greater Issues 

This month, Detroit Lion’s quarterback Matthew Stafford sat out during the football offseason as his wife, Kelly, underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor.

Stafford knew something was amiss when she experienced dizziness while demonstrating a ballet twirl to her children. When vertigo spells emerged, she went in for an MRI for the brain. Days later, she was confronted with the hard news: she had a tumor. 

Both vertigo and dizziness can be indicative of tumors, hearing loss, and other serious ailments.

If you or someone you love experiences strange dizziness, vertigo, sudden hearing loss, or ringing in the ears, it’s time to contact an ENT. 

ENTs In Elkhart Include: 

If the ENT suggests you should consider hearing aids, call our office for a hearing aid selection appointment so we can define the best treatment options for you (or get a second opinion).

Introducing Styletto by Signia

Signia’s latest Styletto product boasts that you can now “embrace life with stylish, high-tech hearing.” So what do these new hearing aids have to offer? Their main focus is altering the image of hearing aids, but they also include an impressive set of features that make the high tech products worth considering for those who appreciate high-tech, high-performance products. 

Portable Charging and Battery Life

  • 19 hours of daily use (up to 16 hours after 2 years of use) 
  • 3-hour full charge 
  • 30-minute fast charge 
  • 3 full charges on-the-go

Tinnitus Therapy 

Static noise and ocean wave sound options serve as helpful distractions for those who suffer from tinnitus.

Voice Distinguishing 

The sound of your own voice is natural with the Signia Nx platform’s Own Voice Processing. This feature helps you distinguish voices in loud environments like busy restaurants. 

Color Combinations

Your hearing aid can sound great and look great too. The Styletto model from Signia is available in three, stylish color combinations. 

  • Dark Granite & Silver 
  • Cosmic Blue & Rose Gold 
  • Snow White & Rose Gold 

Schedule an appointment to stop in and see the Signia Styletto hearing aid model firsthand. We look forward to showing you modern hearing aid products that will help you stay vital while looking sharp.

How Will You Protect Your Ears This Summer?

Man submerged in pool after diving in
Wearing ear plugs in the pool can prevent painful ear infections and permanent damage to your ears.

It’s swimming and concert season! These fun activities give us all a lot to look forward to, but they can also pose threats to our hearing if we’re not careful. 

Swimmers Ear is not only annoying, it can also lead to painful ear infections or, if left untreated, permanent hearing loss. Music levels at concerts are anywhere from 100 – 120 decibels. At 110 decibels, hearing loss can occur after just two minutes of exposure. 

By protecting your ears with swim plugs and custom ear plugs, you’ll be able to enjoy loud shows, the tractor pull, motocross and car races while preserving your hearing. 

Schedule your ear plug fitting with us today! 

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